Wednesday , November 25 2020

The best feature of Galaxy S10 is something that does not have an iPhone XS


Samsung's newest watch on the back of the Galaxy S10, charging.

James Martin / CNET

Samsung's newest Galaxy S10 Sources allow other devices to charge off the back of the phones through the wireless Qi standard. That does mean, yes, even other phones. But it also allows Samsung new, wireless Galaxy Buds a Galaxy Watch Active To charge, too, turning the phone into a large charging pad. That's the part I love. And it may change the way I think about portable battery life from now on.

Call as a battery pack

The S10 charging technology is called Wireless PowerShare, and is similar in the same way as Huawei Mate 20 Pro Submitted last year. What Samsung does, however, feels much more exciting, because its entire product line has planned to charge off the back of the phones. It's a focal point that you own personalized Bluetooth things.

Samsung also introduces this feature into each of the five new phones, making it the biggest launch of this type of technology. And after that, there's a safe bet, there will also be other phone makers.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds charges off the back …


Charging standards need to be disposed of on wearbles

This also brings something incredible for most smart holidays and fitness tractors: they're hellong dongle. Y Watch Apple It has a special magnetized charger that is not the same as standard wireless hardware technology. All Fitbit He has a special dongle himself. It's crazy, and it prevents anyone from leaking any watch to charge on a regular wireless Qi car. I wake up every morning and make sure to see how my watch and life of an ear battery make. That's my associated life in 2019. Sooner or later, there's a charging time … and I do not carry a bunch of cargers because I like to be a normal human (and yes, I'm wearing a watch to the bed, to track sleep … other than the Apple Wylfa.)

The new Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds all rise in the same way, and work by raising 5W the phone. The Galaxy S10 can not charge more than one device at a time, but it's better than anything else there. And I would completely change the way I packed to travel, if I could raise everything else from the phone as needed.

Your move, Apple

The next iPhone will probably come when it's always done, in September (unless something happens faster). New proprietary Apple and delays AirPower pay mat It is expected in 2019, which will allow multiple devices to charge wireless charges instantly. But that's not the same thing as being able to pick up everything through the phone itself. Can Apple include some kind of charging back, at least like what's now available on the Pro Pro iPad through USB-C? Maybe. But I just want that. I want to be able to charge all the weaving stuff as well. That is Samsung's biggest power movement this year.

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