Monday , October 3 2022

The Auditor General of Ontario report will donate to the Government of Doug Ford


The spending warden of Ontario is expected to provide enough for Premier Growers Conservatives Doug Ford on Wednesday when he reveals his latest findings of government waste and inefficiency.

At midday, the auditor Bonnie Lysyk will release his annual report to investigate whether taxpayers receive value for money from 15 government programs or projects, including the construction of Metrolinx rail transport and the replacement of Darlington nuclear works.

As the auditor spends most of the spending made during the time of the previous Liberal government, the PC government will almost certainly greet his recommendations with enthusiasm.

"Any time the auditor general is doing the value for money checks, you want to look where the government can do things better," said President of the Treasury Board, Peter Bethlenfalvy, Cabinet Minister ; n keep track of spending.

Ford has already indicated that he is a supporter of Lysyk's work. Throughout the election campaign, he often referred to the auditor's report last year, where the examiner removed waste of worth around $ 1 billion by looking at just 14 programs.

Although that money was spent over a period of more than one year, Ford used a Lysyk report as evidence that it could easily find the $ 6 billion a year in efficiency that prompted the campaign route without breaking any jobs.

Premier Premier Doug Ford has highlighted the general auditor's report last year as evidence that he could find $ 6 billion a year in spending efficiency savings without breaking any jobs. (Christopher Katsarov / Canadian Press)

Lysyk has already published a list of 15 exams that he will release on Wednesday.

Metrolinx, the provincial agency running GO Transit and oversees major transport construction projects in the Greater Toronto Area, goes under the auditor's microscope twice.

Lysyk will report on the controversial Metrolinx plans to build two new GO stations: one at Vaughan (in Kirby) and another in Scarborough (in Lawrence East). The proposed Kirby stop in the riding was previously represented by the former Liberal freight minister Steven Del Duca. Lawrence East's stop is part of the John Tory Mayor's Smart Track scheme.

The auditor also testes how Metrolinx manages the $ 5.3 billion Eglinton Crosstown project and other unknown light transport lines (LRT).

The "use of consultants and senior councilors" by the provincial government is a chapter in the auditor's report. Lysyk assesses whether ministries can ensure that these external contractors "provide efficient services".

And at any time the auditor general makes the value for money checks, you want to look where the government can do things better, & # 39; says Peter Bethlenfalvy, president of the Treasury Board of Ontario, at an interview on Tuesday. (CBC)

With healthcare account for more than 40 percent of the provincial budget, healthcare programs are always overseen by the auditor. This year, he looks at the timeliness of MRI and CT scans in hospitals, OHIP spending on medical treatment outside the country and outside the country, and the Ministry of Health's program to help buy devices people with disabilities such as wheelchairs and hearing aids.

Other auditing programs include:

  • Ontario Student Support Program (OSAP), including whether student loans are collected promptly when they are owed.
  • Toronto Waterfront, including its management of more than $ 1.5 billion in regeneration funding.
  • Legal Aid Ontario and the cost-effectiveness of its delivery of legal services.
  • The Standards and Technical Security Authority, the agency that inspects such public safety concerns as a propan and promoter store.
  • Ontario Works, the social support benefit provided to around 450,000 people per month.

The auditor also examines government spending on advertising, and whether the party is in force uses it for regional purposes. Under former celebrity Kathleen Wynne, the Liberals weaken the auditor's authority over advertisements, allowing the government to spend public money on advertisements that are simple to take her own horn. It's moving the Liberals may be afraid, now that the computers are in government and manages the multi-million dollar advertising budget of the province.

Ford government has already welcomed the Lysyk pre-election criticism that Wynne Liberals bend and the provincial deficit is low. Using the auditor's calculation, the computers say that deficits this year are actually $ 14.5 billion, the Liberals are supposed to be much more than $ 6.7 billion last March.

A significant proportion of the lack of Liberation Hydro Scheme, which the computers have adopted but accounts for government books rather than Ontario Generation Power, comes from.

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