Tuesday , November 24 2020

The 1987 Buick GNX is almost perfect only selling for $ 200,000

Buick GNX 1987 is only eight miles (13km) per kilometer and sold on the BringATrailer (BaT) enthusiastic auction website last week for a total blowing amount of US $ 200,000 (about $ 265,000).

In 1987, the Buick GNX did not slip: despite & only; with six cylinders, it could give a quarter of a mile time of just 12.7 seconds, crossing the line at 113.1 miles (182 km / h).

These ETs were made possible, thanks to V6 3.8 liters with the Garrett T3 turbine, and drawn by McLaren Performance Technologies / ASC to give 300 powers.

Other factory upgrades included a larger interactive, less restrictive squeezing and more oil cooler for the transfer.

This special car is # 480 of the 547 made, and it has been presented in the list so that it is in perfect shape: it has a plastic seat protector, a protective dash stick and a protective floor mat. Wheel caps have never been installed, but have been included in the trunk road in perfect condition, full with protective stickers.

Clearly, the seller knew that this vehicle would be collected at some time and saved, and is shown by the fact that he had been kept in a climate control display room for 17 years of & # 39; the time it was bought.

These cars have great enjoyment for some people, but we can not help but wonder if the price is a bit high for a car that, in essence, is rigid. Its total value lies in the fact that there is only eight miles per cent of the factory, which means every inch of pavement rolling over the wheels more depreciation.

More drivable GNXs with higher miles have sold on an ATT basis for between $ 10,000 and US $ 35,000.

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