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Thanks to Dance that you can turn off the New Campaign in a Fighter Street Game because of Yikes

Screen: Capcom

V Street Fighter has been a share of disappointments since he arrived in 2016, from a noisy launch to install dangerous backdoors for malware in player computers. Capcom's great latest idea is plastering the whole game with advertisements, turning the most notable time-time martial game franchise into board board.

The decision to insert "sponsored content" in V Street Fighter attached to a recent update that made the game free to play for a limited time, allowing people to try the game unchecked until December 19. These new ads can be Refusing in the options menu, slap the Capcom Logo Pro Tour everywhere, from strategic positions on the costume of each character to the actions they fight. Leaving the advertisements and turning on will allow players to receive sums of money in the game. Players leaving the feature also have full, stable screen ads for downloadable content before games and even when entering a training method.

Although the advertisements that focus on the content that can be downloaded are tired and ugly, here are the characters that suffer most of this new venture. Capcom has done their best to deal with all fighters in Capcom Pro Tour stickers, making them look more like Nascar vehicles and their individual iconic characters. Guile, for example, exchanges its traditional American tattoo for the fraud.

Screen: Capcom

Dhalsim's necklace of children's paddling, which is worn to honor young people in her village who blamed her, has been remote in the name of Capcom Pro Tour.

Screen: Capcom

Some characters even have a piece of clothes added I 'm costumes to make more space for advertising. Dhalsim, as you can see above, has had a championship belt, along with the Urien classic, shown below.

Screen: Capcom

The most egregious example, however, comes courtesy of Akuma. Shin Shun Goku Satsu super classic and demonic extinguisher, who ends up with a face facing camera to display kanji & nbsp; Japan, now shows the Capcom Pro Tour logo instead. It is difficult to overstate how iconic the assault is within the community of the game "Hanover" Tokado "Taniguchi previously named in front of a projector in 2010 after overcoming his opponent with the move, but Akuma's back was probably too much for the developers to leave disorder.

Screen: Capcom

To be fair, this is not a new phenomenon, at least when it comes V Street FighterSteps. In recent years, Capcom has released downloadable content packs that include special fields that highlight the importance of Taith Pro Capcom and are usually used during major events. These actions are often customized to display logos for Evo and Red Bull to match the current competition. The incidence of logos in the latest update raises new questions about how far Capcom will promote brands within the V Street Fighter framework. Currently, Dhalsim's necklace is honoring Capcom, which is a bizarre enough in view of the context, but he would still see the Red Bull logo there.

V Street FighterOptional advertisements are a product of times. Many video games now contain experiences that only require a shelf price and no more, and instead there are continuing services that continue to offer bonus content to the player, at a price. V Street Fighter is a product of $ 60, and so far, the game would only milk your bag while offering more DLC fighters to buy. Adventures in the game are mainly predominantly in free play games, not in games that you pay for.

Is this a sign of things to come about a franchise that used to reign most in the fighting games? Will the advertisements continue to be endemic to ordinary brands in the community of fighting games (Red Bull is a multi-tournament sponsor), or will they eventually expand to things Burger King a BBQ BBQ and Foot Tailing? The pessimistic person in my opinion is that things will only worsen this fan, but I hope the negative community reaction will encourage Capcom to be more reflective about what logos , and how much they expect players to suffer.

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