Monday , November 30 2020

Test Notification tied by NASA Clears SpaceX to Space Station

NASA gave its final on Friday to a millionaire entrepreneur SpaceX Elon Musk company to run his unmanned first test flight from a new crew capsule to the International Space Station on March 2.
The key obstacle approve for SpaceX in its bid to help NASA regenerate the American Spaceflight program, which ended since space shuttle trips ended in 2011, Reuters said.
NASA has awarded a $ 2.6 billion SpaceX, and Boeing Co £ 4.2 billion outdoor surfaces builds a separate rocket and capsule launching systems to transport US astronaut to the space station, orbital research laboratory fly 402 km above Earth.
"Following a full day of briefing and discussion sessions, NASA and SpaceX are taking forward plans to run the Dragon Crew's first test flight on the mission to the International Space Station," said NASA in a statement announcing its decision.

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