Thursday , August 11 2022

TCHC hit the door on CEO Kathy Milsom


The Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) has announced that President and CEO Kathy Milsom are now leading the organization following an investigation to award a $ 1.3 million advisor contract.

As reported by the Toronto Sun & s Recently, Sue-Ann Levy, a "change management" consultant, Edmond Millena from Orchango by operators in the social housing agency fell for an initial price task of $ 65,433, and subsequently won a $ 1.2 million RFP last March.

In a statement on Thursday following an RFP investigation, the TCHC board published a statement indicating the process.

"Having considered all the available evidence carefully, the Board concluded that the behavior of the Chief Executive of TCHC Kathy Milsom throughout this process did not meet the high standard set for ourselves, "said the statement.

"This behavior included overseeing the RFP process that did not comply with the procedures and protocols expected of a public procurement process and failed to fully cooperate with the investigation that led to this independent report. "

As a result, we agree that it is in the best interests of the organization that Ms. Milsom ceases to be CEO, effective immediately, "said statement.

The TCHC spokesman said that Milsom did not accept any dismissal, he was only due to compensation from the date of his termination.

Mayor John Tory said he was supporting the TCHC decision.

"I firmly believe that everyone involved in the good governance of the city agencies should be kept to the absolute absolute standards," said Tory.

"The Toronto Community Housing board has taken concrete steps and I think the board has made the right decision."

Milsom rejected any fault in a statement, calling a TCHC board decision very troublesome.

"I can say with incredible and unlikely assurance that I have acted in the best interests of the organization, its tenants, its employees, and its stakeholders," said Milsom.

"I'm looking forward to seeing these allegations in due course."

She had undertaken bringing positive, meaningful change to the large organization as she was hired, says Milsom.

Under its leadership, the TCHC became more aware of fire safety, with more focus on the tenants, responsive and responsible for it, he said.

Milsom refused an opportunity to give further attention.

The TCHC would not provide a copy of the investigation report by Bennet Jones, saying that it will be kept confidential as it relates to a potential human resource and litigation issue.

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