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Suspects the loose carriages after they were worn in East Edmonton bank

Police investigate theft of two GardaWorld armed vehicle guardians who were injured when a device device at Scotiabank at 160 Ave. near 82 St of around 2 am, in Edmonton, December 13, 2018.

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The police are searching for a suspect after an armed robbery that includes two armed car guardians in north Edmonton in the north west of England that took place around 2 a.m. Thursday.

Sgt Staff Paul Czerwonka said that two guardians had injuries that did not pose a threat to the life of the head during the robbery near 160 Avenue and Street 82. A spokesman for Alberta's Health Services, Kerry Williamson, said that parasites on paramedics were transporting two patients to & # 39 ; r hospital, including one adult in severe, stable condition, and one female adult in a stable condition.

Czerwonka said the police were still searching for at least one suspect, who took an uncovered disclosure amount.

"We only know one … but we do not know if there is more than one at the moment," said Czerwonka.

GardaWorld's armed fan with dangerous lighting still blinking lies on the southern side of Scotiabank, located at 8140 160 Ave NW, on Thursday morning.

"Our employees are now safe and in good hands," said GardaWorld in a statement. "We provide support to employees, their families and their colleagues in the branch. The corporate security team of GardaWorld works closely with local authorities in their investigation. ;

Police investigate theft of two GardaWorld armed vehicle guardians who were injured when a device device at Scotiabank at 160 Ave. near 82 St around 2 a.m., in Edmonton, December 13, 2018. Juris Graney / Postmedia

Hearing an explosion

Kevin Uchman, who lives across the bank road, said he had heard what he described as a noise so that a dumpster would be dropped from a litter truck on the ground. Originally, he did not believe anything of it until his wife, 20 minutes later, noticed that police cars screamed towards the bank.

Then they realized that it was an explosion in the Scotiabank. He said he knew people who work in the bank and that is not the first time for the thief to be targeted by thieves.

"Usually, we get that noise from behind the strip center because the litter trucks always come and go and leak bins. We just turn it away, "said Uchman. "When we heard the bang we thought it was within our house, it was so loud."

"Then when we came up and watched the noise, we realized that it was right in our backyard. It's quite awful. My first mind was what the world comes to. something like this happens in your backyard, it's pretty unsafe. "

Edmonton-Mill Woods AS Amarjeet Sohi has published a statement on social media Thursday morning.

"All of Edmonton are standing with the two injured safety guardians, as well as their families and friends," said Sohi. "Thank you for the first responders."

The police ask motorists to avoid the area. Traffic is redirected.

More to come.

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