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Surrey, B.C. The Telus residents claimed out of 450 iPhone X phones claiming

Two residents of Surrey, British Columbia, allegedly complained of Vancouver's Vancouver based telus telus of 450 smart iPhone phones X totaling $ 704,250 CAD.

According to a civil claim November 28, 2018 introduced in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Barinder Singh Sidhu and Karan Singh Multani, and Clown Olympia employees are not working at Burnaby during the 16th, 2018 meeting with Telus, Katie Bott and Saif employees Rehman.

Sidhu is a former employee of Olympia, a British Columbia transport company that is also a "fixed and stable client" Telus.

As a result of Olympia's relationship, the carrier did not request a payment to pay for an iPhone 8 order.

Telus claimed that Sidhu disrupts Baljinder Sandhu, director of Olympia, "by presenting himself and claiming to be Baljinder Sandhu."

Amar Gill, the operations manager at Olympia, told us about multani exposure.

The alleged meeting in Surrey was alleged that Sidhu and Multani claimed that this was the new business address of Olympia.

Shortly after the meeting, Sidhu and Multani contact Telus to set an order for 450 iPhone 8 smartphone, as well as SIM cards.

Telus met the order, sending the iPhone 8 devices to the warehouse where Sidhu and Multani met with Telus representatives.

Later, Sidhu and Multani sent the phones back to the carrier, contacting Telus around May 18, 2018 to request for iPhone X 450 devices and SIM cards instead.

According to the same file November 28th, the total new order amounted to $ 704,250. Telus sent an invoice for smartphone X phones in the business direction of Olympia.

That cost represented a promotional price on a three-year term.

Sidhu and Multani contacted Ffônus again, in an attempt to get further discounts on the 450 smartphones.

"At all times, Sidhu and Multani themselves held Baljinder Sandhu, and Amar Gill, respectively, and as the authorized representatives of Olympia," reads a selection of B.C. file supreme court.

Sidhu and Multani probably used the Facebook Marketplace online platform to try to sell some of the iPhone X devices that they received.

The Telus employee bought the Xs iPhone through the Facebook Market, although the same employee was trying to return the device since it was blacklisted and did not act.

"At all times, Sidhu and Multani themselves held to be … Olympia authorized representatives" – filed November 28th court

Telus became aware of a problem when the company collected a purchase payment.

Amar Gill told Telus that his company had not placed either the first telephone or telephone number order.

Telus representatives said the fraud was over during the August 15, 2018 meeting with the real Gill.

"Telus representatives also knew that Baljinder Sandhu was a woman, and so they did not meet the actual Baljinder Sandhu," reads a selection of the same file on November 28th.

During the meeting of the 15th August, an Olympia Sidhu worker telephoned, allowing the representatives of Telus Bott and Rehman to indicate the line on the line as belonging to the person who suggested Sandhu.

The representatives of Telus also noted Sidhu, using a photo sent by the Olympia worker.

"… Telus representatives also knew that Baljinder Sandhu was a woman …" – 28th filing & court

At present, Telus is looking for the return of all smart phones received by Sidhu and Multani, as well as general compensation for conspiracy, fraud, fraudulent misleading, fraud, conversion and contract breach.

Telus also asks Sidhu and Multani to pay $ 704,250 – the cost of the 450 iPhone X devices sold to Olympia.

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