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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Most Used Fighter is Final Fantasy & Clouds – Game Rant

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the most ambitious Nintendo franchise again, offering a total of 70 unique fighters as the DLC Pirahna Children's addition. Yet, in a funny coincidence, Super Smash Bros. UltimateThe most popular fighter turns out to not even be Nintendo's character. The Masahiro Sakurai director recently shared some statistical information, and that was one of the more interesting particulars that he shared Final FantasyCloud is currently the most popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter when making games.

According to Sakurai, Cloud is used over twenty times more often in matching than the least popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter, Sakurai is not a name. The overall earning rate of the fund is not mentioned, although Sakurai says that no fighter in the entire list will win over 54% of the time. Of course, it is not clear whether Cloud popularity is due to success Final Fantasy 7, her hair anime suave and a great sword, or his relative strength and ease in it Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Otherwise, when considering Elite Smash only matching for a higher level skills player, Ganondorf is the most popular fighter. Unfortunately for Conondorf, Sakurai confirms that his winning percentage is 47.9% disappointing. The Legend of Zelda the antagonist can stick players up to Elite Smash's accompaniment, but he may not be able to take them further.

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Sakurai spoke to Famitsu to offer some information on the balance Super Smash Bros. UltimateList of fighters. Only the product of that interview was the popularity of Cloud and Ganondorf. Sakurai seems to be quite proud of the balance the team has managed with such a large list of players. The data offered shows some kind of balance, and one single fighter has no more than 60% earnings or a loss rate below 40% in normal matching. Even the funny destroyer of inexperienced players, King K. Rool, only manages a 51.9% win rate.

Elite Smash's earnings and losing rates are even closer together, with 56.8% high and 43.7% low. Sakurai does not offer the names of fighters at the top or bottom. It seems to him that even the game will not even have a balance:

"If we look exactly at data on the battle, there seems to be no reason for a melody and the game at all. However, if we do not tweak just a few things, there's probably some people there they will feel emphasized. So, at the moment, I'm waiting for the team's responsibility for adaptations. "

To be fair, while it's absolutely impressive that no fighter is very strong or weak immediately Super Smash Bros. UltimateLaunched, the percentages earn / loss is definitely a bit beyond what a high level competitive game player could find is acceptable. As long as no fighter is too strong, and that a diverse variety of fighters can be competitive, the scene should flourish. Do not be surprised to see many Cloud and Canondorf players, though.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now available only on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Famitsu (through Kotaku)

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