Sunday , August 14 2022

Sun warnings expire in most areas after a short injection of severe weather conditions


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Snowfall throughout Metro Metro has resulted in dangerous driving conditions, delayed transportation and closure of some schools at an early stage.

There is still a snow warning for the Fraser Valley, but it is expected that the snow will be changed by Friday.

Heavy, heavy snow is falling at the Harbor Harbor and across the region on Friday morning. (Chris Corday / CBC)

The Mission District School says that due to conditions getting worse, it lost its school early. Buses take up students and staff will stay in the schools until all children are collected.

Meanwhile, snow, heavy and wet at times led to a TransLink stop service at Simon Fraser University. The authority arranged shuttle buses and 40 feet (12.2-meter) to Mount Burnaby.

Its Next Bus SMS system is supported and finalized and runs after most of the morning and early afternoons.

Canada Environment predicted five to 10 centimeters to fall on Lower Mainland Friday, including Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Sunshine Coast.

About 2 p.m. He ended up being snow warned for most Vancouver Metro as conditions improved.

The North Shore and higher elevations rose up to 15 centimeters, said the weather agency, while the eastern side of Vancouver Island is about 5 centimeters of snow over higher ground and inland parts.

The snow was sometimes mixed with rain.

Vancouver police warn about dangerous driving conditions around Ffordd Road and Hastings Street East. (Zahra Premji / CBC)

Transformational issues

The Vancouver police responded to a number of traffic problems and asked drivers to avoid Ffordd Road from Marine Drive to East Hastings and the north and East Endway to the Kingsway to the south.

Forest Grove Drive in Burnaby. Sliding layers of slippery form on roads across Lower Môr. (Jan Zeschky / CBC)

The police say that a number of width trucks are blocked and slipped back in the area. He said conditions should improve once the area is cleared from snow and salt.

Officials say that there is a second area that has to transport around Clarke Drive and Grandview Highway up to 17th Avenue and Kingsway in all directions.

Winter on the wet … snow and umbrella coastline at the SkyTrain Central Coquitlam Station Friday morning. (Mike Clarke / CBC)

About mid mornings Vancouver City closed a 49th Avenue Boundary Road to South East Marine Drive due to a collection of snow and ice.

TransLink has used staff for all trains and extinguished the intermittent alarm system at stations due to the risk of snow that caused it.

The agency also says that it will not run its full supply of Friday trains, but it will run the majority of them. Many 40ft buses (12.2 meters) have been replaced by many 60ft buses (18.2 meters) as they have removed better in conditions of snow.

There was a long line of passengers at the Broadway commercial station on Friday. (Margaret Gallagher / CBC)

"Customers should predict longer stays and more detailed trains / platforms," ​​said at 11:00 a.m. PT.


DriveBC does not have any conditions on conditions in Metro Vancouver or Fraser Valley, but it is warned about compact snow and slippery conditions in the Kamloops area, including on Highway 5 and Highway 97C.

Environment Canada says that snow can reduce visibility and encourages drivers to be careful.

Routes north to north Coquihalla The highway was closed approximately 25 kilometers north of Hope on Friday, but since then it has reopened.


Avalanche Canada has announced a Thursday warning for the Lowest Land and Vancouver Island which continues to be effective through the weekend.

In a statement, he said that some layers of the snowpack in those areas were weak and that summer during the summer would lead to "deadly" avalanches.

This week alone, a 39-year-old Southrey swimmer was killed in North Shore and a 42-year-old snowboarder from Australia was killed in an airplane at Whistler's Blackcomb ski resort on Thursday.

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