Thursday , January 21 2021

Summerland rock rocks: Crews prepare to blow with dynamite

The rock path along Highway 97 has broken traffic between the Central Okanagan and the Okanagan South, and officials do not know when traffic will again flow between the two regions.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the rock plot covered the part of the highway near Summerland at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday. However, the highway was still open to traffic, with one lane operating in every direction.

But two hours later, at 7:45 a.m., a second slide occurred, this time hinders the four lanes and completely closes the highway.

UPDATE: Rockslide closes part of Highway 97 in Okanagan

Dean Pratley, who was parked according to each other, was testified by rock rocks.

"And all suddenly, it's just going to go," said Pratley. "The fence, the chain-over objects that they have over, are just removed separately and things started flying.

"And from that, basically, it came down in huge pieces, such as a way more than a fan."

The ministry says that a discharge route is available using Highway 97C, 5A, 3 and 3A.

There was no word at all when Highway 97 reopened. In a tweet, MLA Dan Ashton of Benticton said it was expected that the closure could be 24 hours.

DriveBC reports that rock anglers are on site, preparing for blasting.

RCMP also told Global News that crews have allowed to blow at night.

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