Tuesday , November 24 2020

Simmonds awards the Stadium Series, a possible final game with Flyers

PHILADELPHIAETH – Wayne Simmonds He admitted that he took extra moment to enjoy the 4-3 overtime Philadelphia Flyers against Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL Coors Light 2019 Stadium Series at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday, because he knows that this is Last game with Flyers.

Simmonds could be traded, which can become a July 1 free agent immediately before the NHL Trade closing date on Monday at 3 p.m. ET.

"Do not know what my future is here the next 48 hours," he said 30 years on. "It was nice to stand out there and get that victory and that all of them liked … I do not know what will happen. Obviously, I would like to stay here, but she's out From now on, that's what it is right now. I can really say that I have put everything I have to Philadelphia over the last eight years.

"I think you'll taste it a bit more. Obviously, this is my home. I'm living in Toronto at the offseason, and then I'm in Philadelphia. in eight years. I am considering myself as part of this community, part of the team, everything that goes on in the city. It was special to be out and get the two points tonight. "

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Simmonds has tied for a fourth on the Flyers with 16 goals in 62 games this season. His 203 goals since he came to Philadelphia in a trade of Los Angeles Kings on June 23, 2011, leading the Flyers and at the 16th in NHL. Its 91 play power goals are associated with them Steven Stamkos from Tampa Bay Lightning for the second largest in the League at that time, behind Alex Ovechkin from the Washington Capital (141).

Its aging energy and work make it a leader on and off the ice.

"Scott's Flyers coach says" It makes everyone play stronger, there's no question about it. " "The energy it steals, whether it's fighting or fighting or whatever it might be. Its enthusiasm on the bench … I do not know what's happening to move with him, but I certainly hope he is here with us. He gives us a lot, and what appreciation he had to him before I took this job, I even have more now. "

Simmonds' fellow members feel the same way.

"There's a difficult situation," captain Claude Giroux He said. "You do not know what's going on. He's been the best warrior. He has been a member of the best team each year and we … something we can not control, so & Definitely frustrated a bit. I've been here for now and we understand his business, but we do not have to like it. There are not enough good words that I can say about Wayne Simmonds. "

Simmonds became emotionally describing how Giroux went on Jakub Voracek he gave the game helmet player in the bedroom.

"Pretty special," he said. "A little bit pulled up. Oskar [Lindblom] got her, she gave her [Giroux], G gave Jake, and Jake gave me. I've known the men for so long, even before I came to Philadelphia, I knew Jake and G, so pretty special it was from those men. It was nice. "

Video: PIT @ PHI: Sheets in a lateral rally to end Penguins in OT

With a day of Sunday and friends in the town for the game, Simmonds will do its best to ignore the noise of around, so difficult with that.

Whatever happens, he said he was looking forward to knowing his Monday afternoon, one of them in Philadelphia or elsewhere.

"My wife is 6 1/2 months pregnant," he said. "We need to indicate what we will do for half a season, where we're going to introduce our baby. It has been more than just a hockey. run through my mind. Be nice. "

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