Wednesday , September 28 2022

Silas Ifanc Explains Its Decision To Sign With ROH Over WWE


– Silas Young spoke to Busted Open Radio about signing a new agreement with Ring of Honor. Young explained why he did not give rumors that it led to WWE going out and more. Highlights below WZ:

On rumors that it leads to WWE: "I have a few friends who work with WWE, and I had a friend who worked there calling and asking if I would be interested when my contract was up [to work there]. I believe that one of those businesses where you have to think openly and considering all the options is to fight. At the time, I definitely consider the option. All these rumors started because I signed up with WWE, but at that time we were all a few telephone and text conversations. Then a few weeks ago, I've heard from that man [manages contracts at Ring of Honor], and it was under the assumption that I had already signed up with WWE. The Internet and search fans can actually take some information and run wild. "

Regarding why he was not going to WWE: "WWE can be argued at the top of the game, where everyone wants to be, but there are only so many places there and they have so many men under a contract. Then, with the fact that Ring of Honor has been back since as long as I'm with sure thing. "

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