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Senator of the Tories tells Electricians Offering All Liberals Left In The Country & # 39;


OTTAWA – The Conservative senator faces criticism after he has encouraged a lot of protesters to "roll over all Liberals who left in the country."

Senedd Saskatchewan David Tkachuk commented on addressing "United We Roll" collectors on Parliament Hill on Tuesday. The senator said he had been invited to speak by the Greater Ottawa Truckers Association, an urban lobby group.

He said he felt he had to greet those who attended, and many of them traveled from their homes to voice their frustration for a variety of federal policies of energy development into immigration.

"People do not drive all over the country to have lunch with their neighbors," said Tkachuk at HuffPost Canada on Wednesday. "They drive across the country because they are worried about losing their home and educating their children. And that's why they came here."

The "United We Roll" convoy began at Red Deer, Alta. Last Thursday, Ottawa arrived on Tuesday for two days of demonstrations. The theme focused on a pro-pipeline message, but speakers and signs of trucks touched criticisms of the United Nations global compact for migration and Canadian refugee policy.

In addition, the Protestants expressed their concerns about the carbon tax and the potential impact on the survival of the treasurers.

Zi-Ann Lum / HuffPost Canada

A sign shown as part of the "United We Roll" convoy rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 20, 2019.

A sign has been installed on a truck in the "United We Roll" convoy on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 19, 2019.

Zi-Ann Lum / HuffPost Canada

A convoy truck touches a pro-pipeline message outside the order of Parliament in Ottawa on February 19, 2019.

Zi-Ann Lum / HuffPost Canada

The sign of the nations' counterparts during the "United We Roll" convoy in Ottawa on Parliament Hill on February 19, 2019 is shown.

Zi-Ann Lum / HuffPost Canada

A protester still registers at the "United We Roll" rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 20, 2019.

Many protesters wear yellow breeds, a symbol of unity with the French anti-government movement. "Yellow Vests Canada" is the Canadian trigger, the organizers of the group have been agreed spreading hate and violence against Muslims and politicians on social media.

Tkachuk said he did not see any racism in the crowd. He suggested that the movement should be eliminated by focusing on yellow freedoms "not fair" to the concerns of Alberta and Saskatchewan oil and gas workers.

"I just see ordinary men and women out," said Conservative senator.

NDP MP Nathan Cullen called the senator's decision to brotherly with a group that has links to "immediate xenophobic, racist comments" is incredibly ignorant and dangerous. "

In the first place, "United We Roll" was named in the yellow arm convoy before the organizers decided to renamed it after "much consideration" according to The Canadian Press.

Adrian Wyld / HuffPost Canada

A protestor wears "Make Canada Great Again," as a reminder of sorry Albertans and other wizards joining Parliament Hill in Ottawa on May.19, 2019 to protest federal energy and environmental policies.

Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer and Leader of the People of Canada, Maxime Bernier, gave speeches and presented for pictures with rally attendants.

The presence of two federal leaders worries more about Cullen than he by Tkachuk's attention. Scheer and Benier stood before the crowd "with a national party authority," he said.

As a representative of a federal riding with a resource-based economy, Cullen said he understood the frustration that some Canadian westwestern feels for the slow speeds of major project approvals. However, he suggested that Scheer and Bernier had made expensive calculations that I could go after they gave their support to the rally.

"It harmed those people who want to see more natural resource development," said the NDP MP, calling the yellow movement into "very xenophobic crowd".

The Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre also dealt with the protesters.

"It was a pipeline rally," said Poilievre, paying attention to a question about the participation of the fragile yellow protesters. He was there, he said, "because I'm supporting pipelines."

But that explanation does not wash with Cullen.

"You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to realize that it is more than just pipelines," he said.

Watch: Protestants explain what they are frustrating

Natural Resource Resources Minister, Amarjeet Sohi, reporters on Tuesday said the Conservatives will decide on the company they keep.

Scheer had the opportunity to declare some of the exhibitions of "hate and the negative" but failed to do so, said Sohi Minister.

Sohi represents the riding of Alberta from Edmonton-Mill Woods. The minister did not confirm plans to meet "United We Roll" protesters.

"I understand the frustration that people face about the pipeline's capacity and have our resources to non-US global markets," he said. "I'll focus on installing the problems that exist."

& # 39; LOts of MPs arrived: Convoy Organizer

Outside House of Commons on Wednesday, Glen Carritt's "United We Roll" convoy organizer said he was grateful for the support of Scheer and Bernier.

With collapsing horns of truck cuttings relative to Parliamentary Parliament, Carritt said he was confident that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heard about parking immediately outside his office .

Carritt, who owns a fire company and oil safety in Innisfail, Alta, said they did not go home empty.

"We have had some MPs to reach to us. Many MPs," he says, are declining to provide specific names.

As Caritt went back to her truck to go home to Alberta, he said that Liberation MPs had not reached it.

Listen: Sen. Tkachuk accuses the government of wanting to destroy & # 39; the energy industry

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