Thursday , May 19 2022

Scheer encourages Trudeau to pick up a # 39; Wilson-Raybould


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said the First Minister, Justin Trudeau and Liberals, have to raise a "command order" and make sure that Jody Wilson-Raybould can speak the true truth about the circumstances that are about & # 39; to a decision to leave the cabinet.

The SNC-Lavalin debate has revealed a crisis of moral and ethical leadership at the Trudeau office, says Scheer at a Sunday news conference in Ottawa, adding an ongoing online campaign to support Wilson-Raybould.

"Justin Trudeau must let her talk," he said.

MPs will be holding an emergency session of the House of Commons justice committee on Wednesday, and Wilson-Raybould has said that he would be willing to return to provide additional evidence.

Scheer said that the MPs on the committee need to support Wilson-Raybould come back to shed extra light on the scandal, suggesting that if they did not, they would suggest that the prime minister had something to hide . "

"Previously, just after the intense pressure that Liberals MPs on the justice committee would allow this investigation to begin, and Justin Trudeau, even after intense pressure by Canadians, allowed me to Ms. Wilson-Raybould spoke, "said Scheer.

Wilson-Raybould says it is subject to rigid, inappropriate pressure to prevent the bribery of SNC-Lavalin trial and fraud-related fraud-related fraud payments in Libya. (Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press)

"We hope this campaign will have the same effect – the pressure will force Justin Trudeau to allow her to come to witness."

Previously, Wilson-Raybould told the committee that it was subject to rigid, inappropriate pressure to prevent the trial of engineering acquisition and build on bribery and fraud-related fraud-related fraud payments in Libya.

Watch: Liberals in control of damage over the SNC-Lavalin scandal

Latest surveys suggest that First Minister Justin Trudeau, rather than the Liberal Party, has been hurt by the SNC-Lavalin issue. 11:53

In part, Trudeau waived the lawyer's privilege-client and the secretary of the cabinet so that Wilson-Raybould could speak in public, but not to communicate with Kathleen Roussel, director of public prosecutions.

Last week, former secretary Trudeau, Gerald Butts, told the committee that he believed that none of the Prime Minister's Office had done anything from his / her place.

Butts also testified that Wilson-Raybould was not complaining about inappropriate pressure to suspend the SNC-Lavalin criminal prosecution until Trudeau decided to move him out of his cabinet role as minister of justice.

Scheer slams A fake Thumb presentation & # 39;

Scheer said on Sunday that it was clear that the "Justin Trudeau" was highlighted to Canadians, adding that the prime minister does not show good leadership.

On Saturday, a spokesman for the PMO acknowledged that Trudeau had "emotional" conversations with the Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes, but rejected his allegations that the conveyancies were "hostile" or that Trudeau was calling upon him.

Caesar-Chavannes told the Globe and the Post that Trudeau was angry when he told us on February 12 of plans to announce that he did not run in the October federal election.

MP Liberal, Celina Caesar-Chavannes, said Trudeau was angry when he told us on February 12 of plans to announce that he did not run in the October federal election. (Justin Tang / Canadian Press)

She allegedly told her in that conversation, and responded by shouting back on him. However, the First Minister added apology later.

Caesar-Chavannes also detailed another contrast with Trudeau in the House of Commons a week later, where he was described as acting hostile towards him.

The various allegations make it clear that the "false presentation" that Trudeau has presented to Canadians is "falling apart," said Scheer.

"I repeatedly say that when it is accused of inappropriate behavior, one that's the weight or how it treats people in these types of situations is that nothing but his defense is that other people experience things differently. "

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