Thursday , September 29 2022

Samsung Galaxy S10 pieces include a large hole in the display


Galaxy S Samsung phones are usually published in the first quarter of the year, so we're still a few months away from the unveiling process. We already have an idea of ​​what the device will look, however, thanks to presenters from OnLeaks in 91 mobile phones.

91 minutes indicate these devices as "Galaxy S10 Plus," and it's well matched to previous rumors about the S10. There are four scrambled rear cameras (talking about being a broad angle lens, telephoto lens, main camera, and a deep camera for bokeh effects) and two cameras ahead. The front design gets bezels dramatically compared to the Galaxy S9, and for the front camera Samsung takes a new "hole hole" design. Camera hole should not have a lot of functional difference compared to a camera window. It will be a dead field of screen, and while you could get the area above the camera as a dead space, Samsung is flexible its display technology and around the camera with a pixel. Again, there is a lot of confirmation here: Samsung announced this "Infinity-O" display technology previously.

Having a hole in the screen will be a new thing for an Android device, but in the software, it probably works the same way as a camera's camera. Android will extend the status bar around the display hole, giving apps as normal, seamless, rectangular to play, while only the system that deals with the awkwardly displayed showcase at the top . In the case of these rendering Galaxy S10, the status bar is likely to have to be twice as high as usual around the display hole.

It also looks like there is a heart rate sensor at the end of the back camera bar, but you will not see the fingerprint reader hardware anywhere. S10 is expected to have a screen fingerprint reader at the location and location: an invisible sensor, a screen from Gymcomm. Certainly this week, Qualcomm announced the "3D sound sensor," its ultrasonic finger element. We have already seen the OneTlus 6T with an optical screen Post-screen reader, but it has only taken a 2D picture of fingerprint. The Qualcomm ultrasonic sensor will be able to map the creams and valleys of your finger in 3D, so it should be safer. With the move to a screensaver in the screen, Samsung is abolishing the company's magazine scanning technology that was analyzed in the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

Another thing noted in this rendering: Samsung is keeping the phone jack! The compatible 3.5mm jack is still at the bottom of the phone, along with a port and USB-C speaker. This will make it one of the only capitals (possibly with LG) to keep the jack around. It also looks like the Bixby button is still.

Between having three different S10 names, together with a 5G version, as well as moving into folding devices, Samsung is released to release five leading phone models for the start of 2019.

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