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Samsung Galaxy S10 could regenerate the name & Edge, suggest a leak


Y GALAXI S10 looks to be Samsung's most interesting mobile phone again, with a talk about 5G support, a fingerprint scanner in display and a quaint quad-camera display.

And some rumors guess that there could be as many as four Galaxy S10 models, including premium & premium variants & # 39; plus Plus and budget & # 39; cut price

We have summarized everything we know about a Galaxy S10 line that is coming into Samsung so far, and will update this article as we hear more.

Date released
Samsung will probably unveil Galaxy S10 before MWC next year at an independent event on February 20. The phone will be available for that date, and will then be released on March 8.

According to a report in Aberystwyth Gizmodo, The budget & # 39; known as Galaxy S10 offers 12GB and retail storage for £ 699, the regular S10 will offer 128GB or 512GB storage for £ 799 and £ 999, and the S10 Plus offers 128GB, 512GB and 1TB variants at a price from £ 899, £ 1,099 and £ 1,399 in eye.

The latest news
The UK retailer, Mobile Fun, has started flashing for a Galaxy S10 Samsung line, which claims to include S10 Lite, S10 Plus and S10 Edge, with the company eager to revive the monitor & Edge & # 39; it has not been used since the Galaxy S8.

The retailer also claims that all S10 handhelds will be installed with a screensaver that has set it as a standard, and says that the handsets will be available in many colors, including Berry Pink , Yellow and Green.

12/19/18: The Galaxy S10 may have suffered its first leakage in the wild, after claiming to see on South Korea subway. The device was view by Twitter user inss0317 and first reported by WCCFtech, which does not pretend that the leakage image (below) shows off the S10 with rare rains and bare bottom and cameras in a screen in the top right corner.

12/17/18: The UK retailer of MobileFun has shown its range of Galaxy S10 accessories prematurely, adding pressure to rumors that the leading could offer a triple lens camera set. Cases (below), made by Olixar, shows that the S10 will look a bit like a sister sister Note 9 with bulky dimensions and a horizontal camera series. However, they also appear to show an additional camera lens, adding credibility to recent releases that highlighted a standard / broad / tele camera set for the Galaxy S10.

12/14/18: The Android bet beta beta has added pressure to rumors that the Galaxy S10 will boost a global camera. As reported by SamMobile, the beta includes changing a bubble in the camera settings that will see higher-resolution images saved without distorting. However, the report indicates that this lens correction feature could be for the A7 (2018) and A9 (2018), and Samsung has not yet commented.

12/12/18: Gizmodo, pointing out a source in a "major technology retailer", has revealed Samsung Galaxy S10 launch plans.

There will be three models – the model S10, and Plus regular and flat model & # 39; cheaper – will be launched before Mobile Congress next year at an Unpacked event on February 20, according to the report. The phone will be available for that date, and will then be released on March 8.

Gizmodo Also, the wagger knows how much the device will cost; the budget model & # 39; this way offers 12GB and retail storage for £ 699, the regular S10 will offer 128GB or 512GB storage for £ 799 and £ 999, and the S10 Plus will offer variants of 128GB, 512GB and 1TB £ 899, £ 1,099 and £ 1,399 in the eye

There is little information about the rumored 5G variation, but Gizmodo notes that 5G services will not be available on the S10 at the launch, with a source claiming they will not arrive until "at the end of C2 at the earliest."

12/18/18: An alleged prototype of the Galaxy S10 Plus has faced an offline, suggesting that it could adopt a corner zone. Posted by SlashLeaks (below), the image suggests that, instead of cutting 20-esque View Honors, the capital could adopt a fake note in the top right corner to see what looks like a dual camera installation.

Evleaks does not agree, however, as he posts images over the weekend that show three Galaxy S10 models with hole cuts & # 39; centrally.

12/15/18: Thank you very much 91 Mobile and OnLeaks has given us a full rixown of the Galaxy S10 Plus. Wear leaks from the leading show from a nearby bezel-less screen, Samsung camera quad camera and front camera camera, which looks to install two front-faced cameras to facilitate the company's superior facial recognition technology.

91 Mobile it also confirms & # 39; the S10 Plus will be a 6.4-inch, 6.4-inch AMOLED display package, a similar ultrasonic screen fingerprint scanner that is shown on the OnePlus 6T, and a 3.5mm phone phone jack alongside the port USB-C. The handheld will measure 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8mm, depending on the release, but it will move to 9mm thanks to the rear camera set.

There could be at least one variation of the Samsung Galaxy S10 12GB RAM pack whopping.

That is a back report from Hong Kong GF Securities, Which allegedly that Samsung's top priority incoming will be the first to a 12GB RAM package; more than a 10GB RAM installed to stuff inside the McLaren OnePlus 6T edition.

The same report claims that Samsung will increase internal storage to 1TB; The type of specification that you usually have on a high-end laptop.

GF Securities does not tell us many others that we do not already know but it is noted that the Galaxy S10 will be available in white, black, yellow and green versions, some of which will be Huawei-like-like ratings .

11/18/18: The Galaxy S10 + has been viewed on AnTuTu, packaging a new Exynos 9820 processor announced by Samsung.

I've been shown earlier this month, which is the next next, Exynos SoC, Samsung to bring on a nube processing machine (NPU) on the board, which means that centralized tasks can be carried out on the chip itself. The company was also pleased that the processor will offer a 20 per cent boost in one core performance compared to a predecessor, and a 40 per cent improvement in power efficiency.

At the time, Samsung did not say when we would see his Exyos 9820 in the wild first, but the result of a new benchmark from AnTuTu suggests that he will do his first time at the Galaxy S10.

The benchmark, shared by Universe Languages ​​(below), probably for an Exynos version of the Galaxy S10 + with out of 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage. The device scored a respectable 325,076 on the benchmarking platform, converting a Huawei P20 Pro score of 273,295 but can not reconcile an iPhone XS, which lies on AnTuTu sites with a score of 352,405.

The Galaxy S10 + will also be likely to launch the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 skip in specific markets, and this variation could be a leading edge for Apple. A device that runs the next gene leader, SoC, has seen on AnTuTu with a score of 362,292.

11/18/18: And the Galaxy S10 Bezels can be completely removed and will not adopt an iPhone style cushion, if it is thought that a screensaver has dropped.

The screen wizard was dropped in a video shared by Ice Universe (below), and if legit, show that the bezels on Samsung Galaxy S10 will almost exist.

It will not adopt a screen cut like most of the new Android promotions, and despite recent rumors that the S10 would be among the first to include a rotary hole selfamera & # 39; – adopting display technology Infinity O & # 39; which was updated by Samsung – there is no sign of the camera hole in this latest release.

11/18/18: Samsung is preparing a variant of Galaxy S10 with 5G support and six cameras, back and Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper, stating "people who are familiar with the issue", says Samsung is planning to launch four variants of the Galaxy S10, including a 6.7in model – Beyond X have to mention – which will support 5G and six-packed cameras; two in front and four around the back.

Adding pressure to rumors about revealing MWC, and WSJ notes that Samsung will disclose this model in mid February, but states that its release will depend on the availability of 5G networks. It is not clear if the model handout makes it Blighty, however; The report states that Samsung is in discussions with AT & T, T-Mobile and South Korea networks.

The other three Galaxy S10 models will not be quite as ridiculously-specced, like the WSJ Reporting they will offer screens between 5pm and 5.4in, and will offer between 3 and 5 cameras. However, the handsets may add a wireless fire feature that would allow the other handsets of other wireless juice devices, which are similar to Huawei's Mate 20 Pro.

And WSJ he also has some information on the smart phone Galaxy F & # 39; which can be folded on Samsung, which it allegedly could be launched as Galaxy Flex.

11/18/18: The input Samsung Galaxy S10 will include a self-camera camera and fingerprint scanner after inserting to display.

At least that, by famous celebrity Evan Blass, who tweeted on Tuesday (below) that the Galaxy S10 will be the first to include a rotary hole selfamera & # 39; – adopting display technology Infinity O & # 39; which has been updated by Samsung.

Instead of the controversial earmark, this display will contain a hole in the upper left corner that is home to the front camera.

If Blass's latest predictions are on the money, the Galaxy S10 will also be the top priority of Samsung to show an in-display fingerprint scanner. This will be an ultrasonic sensor, as can be found on the OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Elsewhere, the tweet adds pressure to earlier rumors that the S10 will contain a triple camera installation on its back and UI & A; New Samsung has been served on top of Android Pie.

Samsung's Galaxy S10, which will include standard modules, more and the size of the budget – expects to be the first in MWC next year, with a 5G model that will follow in March.

10/18/18: Samsung will launch three Galaxy S10 models next year, according to a report in Aberystwyth Bloomberg.

In supporting the earlier predictions by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, BloombergThe sources say that the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will be a curved OLED screen pack with "virtually no bezel" and a finger sensor after embedding. There will be no note, the report claims, with the front camera visible and hidden under the screen.

Around the back, the S10 models will pack a triple camera setup that opposes Huawei, and at the bottom, a jack phone will not be 3.5mm.

Samsung also plot a "cheaper" variation of S10, back Bloomberg, which will not take pride in the edge screen & # 39; which has been a notable sign of Samsung phones since the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014. However, it could bring a fingerprint sensor in-display "depending on costs", the add-on sources

And supporting recent rumors from Korea, the report claims that Galaxy S10 will be the smart Samsung 5G-enabled smartphone. According to the report, the company is told in discussions with Verizon to launch a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 to the US, although it is not clear that the model will be offered here Blighty.

Y Bloomberg A report also drops the beans on Samsung's long-rumored smartphones, Winner & # 39; named. Despite speculation that the device could launch at the Samsung Developers' Conference next month, the company still decides whether the device will bend vertically or horizontally.

The device, which has been removed to arrive as Galaxy X, will not include a screenshots scanner due to "technical difficulties", but it will offer an extra 4in display that users can use when the phone is closed.

Naturally, Samsung did not notice the rumors, rather saying in a statement: "We are continually developing our smartphones portfolio to give our customers new and exciting innovations and experiences. do we have anything to share for devices in the future. Be fit. "

10/18/18: And the Galaxy S10 It could be Samsung's top priority to keep the phone phone jack 3.5mm.

So he said ET News, who reports that while the Galaxy S10 is likely to keep the port, Samsung plans to delete the phone jack on either Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11. Instead, the company will depend on a combination of the USC C-Type port of the phone and a bundle dongle phone, according to the report.

ET News does not say why Samsung would want to get rid of the phone jack but it's assumed that the company, as other makers, simply wants to reserve space for other parts.

10/18/18: A new report has detailed the set of triple cameras that Samsung will put on the Galaxy S10.

According to the report, seen by SamMobile, the Galaxy S10 will feature the same 12MP f1.5 / 2.4 variable opening lens with Galaxy S10, alongside a 16MP f / 1.9 "super-angle" lens with an area of ​​123 degrees and a 13MP f2 opening. 4 sensors

The report indicates that the broad angle lens will not include stabilizing optical and untouched images.

This triple camera installation appears to be on the highest Galaxy S10 model, according to SamMobile. An "affordable" model will feature one camera lens, while the standard standard Galaxy S10 will boast a dual camera installation.

24/8/18: Samsung slip-up has suggested it will launch four different versions of the Galaxy S10.

According to XML files that have hidden inside the company's 9.0 Android update, it has been seen XDA-Developers, the four devices have coded out beyond 0, beyond 1, and beyond 2 & # 39 ;, and beyond 2GG & # 39 ;.

This adds pressure to recent rumors that Samsung is proposing to launch a 5G variation of S10. According to murmurs online, this model will be a very specific specifications package for the Galaxy S10 Plus (or over 2s) but will include additional sensors to facilitate 5G comg.

Although the discharge does not tell us a lot about the devices, XDA indicates that the four handsets will be likely to launch with the next silicon of Samsung or Qualcomm (Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 8150), while the 5G model is likely to be either Qualcomm's Snapdragon X50 or Samsung Exempla 5100 Samsung modem.

17/9/18: Galaxy S10 could display a 19: 9 aspect ratio package, according to drop benchmarks.

The HTML5test benchmarking tool announced the results of SM-G405F that run Android 9.0 Pie. Although it has not been confirmed that this model number is associated with the Galaxy S10, SamMobile reports that the benchmark lists a resolution of 412 x 869 pixels, higher than a 412 x 846-pixel solution for the Galaxy S9, suggesting that the mysterious device joins the leading Samsung S-Series leading edge.

Although the list does not tell us much more, these figures suggest that the Galaxy S10 could have a tiny display package, 19: 9, rather than the aspect ratio 18: 5.9 on the Galaxy S9. This is underpinned by recent rumors that the capital will boast amazing bezels compared to its predecessor.

The benchmarks drop this hot on DJ Koh's heels, Samsung's mobile biz CEO, confirming that design changes to the Galaxy S10 will be "very significant".

Speaking to Chinese media, Koh suggested that the company's 10th birthday smartphone would be more than an increasing update – since the S9 to S8 – adding the S10 add-on would be offered in new colors " awesome ".

10/9/18: According to the Galaxy S10, the smartphone "most expensive" will be Samsung again, thanks to additional 5G technology.

So says the Korea website And Bell, which says Samsung will release a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 that could make the iPhone XS look cheap. The report states that the model, which will be the same as the S10 Plus, will require "four to five more antenas" than existing 4G handsets, before come to the conclusion that "the price of the series can be more expensive."

Besides its extra 5G modules and high price price tag, And Bell reports that the S10 model will feature a 6.44in display and will be – plus the S10 Plus – the first smartphone S-series to get tools with a front camera and a triple camera on the back.

The S10 line, which can be disclosed in CES next year "could be released before and after March 5, when domestic mobile operators start a 5G service", the report specifies.

28/8/18: Samsung will prepare the three Galaxy S10 models with an internal fingerprint sensor, according to a report in The Investor.

Although earlier reports have suggested that the S10 & # 39; entry level & # 39; loses out on the scanner, it is now reported that the three models will feature the screen technology.

According to The Investor, both high-end models will have a fingerprint detector based on an ultrasonic display, while the entry level model will have an optical fingerprint sensor.

"The two high Galaxy S models will bring an ultrasonic screen fingerprint scanner while the other will install an optical fingerprint sensor under the screen," said an industry from the industry displayed to the site.

The ultrasonic sensor, which is likely to be supplied by Qualcomm, will create 3D mapped fingerprints to scan users, making it more accurate than traditional scanners. It is not affected by grease, sweat or light, according to the report.

The optical sensor, which will be three times cheaper & # 39; the ultrasonic option, works as a digital camera, holding a two-dimensional image of fingerprints. It is not as accurate as the scanner that is set to start the two high S10 models, and it will find it difficult to scan fingers if they are dirty, too wet or too dry, or if external lighting reaches the way.

25/7/18: Samsung is probably designing his own GPU who will play a "completely new design" and could do it first in the Galaxy S10.

The news, which broke first by Graphics Talk and later confirmed by a reliable tipster Ice Universe (below), claims that Samsung is developing an internal GPU that provides "performance / leading watt" in simulations.

The GPU will play all-new architecture that could make it work in everything from smart phones to advanced computers, according to a work-based briefing analyst.

"This is really big – this is the first new GPU design in 10 years," said Jon Peddie, head of Jon Peddie Research.

Samsung GPU "could be put in conjunction with Apple," added Peddie. "This design is so good, they can use it in every platform – it's an ambitious function. If I owned it, everything would include cockpits and supercomputers."

The GPU is expected, developed by Samsung newbie Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, a former Veterinary Graphics who previously worked in Nvidia and MediaTek, appeared first in a smartphone processor Samsung Exynos – a sign that could rise in the 10th company Galaxy. S10.

The company has not decided whether to license the technology, according to the report.

20/7/18: The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have significantly smaller bezels than the S9 predecessor, according to the latest rumors.

Although the Galaxy S9 was pretty much a carbon copy of the Galaxy S8, despite rumors that it would boast significantly smaller bezels, it looks like Samsung has been saving These major upgrades for the release of the 10th anniversary of Galaxy S.

According to tipster Ice Universe Twitter, the screen ratio for the Galaxy S10 body will be "very large" compared to the S9. There is no word on certain things, but Samsung's probably removes the bottom bezel on the device to get a body ratio of around 90 per cent.

At present, the Galaxy S9 has a screen-to-body ratio of around 84 percent.

In a subsequent tweet, Ice Universe also suggests that the S10 will offer improvements in the battery section, saying: "If you are using the SLP more sophisticated packing technology, then battery is definitely more than the S9, and Samsung president said he was working hard to solve the problem of charging speed. "

18/7/17: Qualcomm has shown an early prototype of an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is expected to start the Galaxy S10.

According to Twitter's Typical Global Languages, Samsung will be among the first to work with Qualcomm qualifying input fingerprint scanning technology. He quotes Samsung Chief Executive Dj Koh saying that the S10 will not accept the answer of optical fingerprints because "optical fingerprints can cause the bad user experience."

Qualcomm ultrasonic technology, has been tested by CNET, "uses sound waves to create a map of your fingertips, with the tone of noisy pressure off your skin."

The technology, which could spell the end of the physical home button, also offers many advantages over optical scanners, notes and the report. Scanning a finger if it is wet, can have a weak time of just 250 millisegonds, it has one percent decline rate and it measures only 0.15mm, so it will not lead to earphone phones .

Qualcomm has confirmed that the technology will begin to show in smartphones next spring.

17/7/18: The Apple Ming-Chi Kuo gouad has turned its attention to Samsung and it's anticipated that the Galaxy S10 will come in three sizes.

In a report seen by Internal Business, Kuo said he expects the Galaxy S10 to be available in 5.8in, 6.1in and 6.4in models – almost the same as the quantities that Kuo expects to bring Apple iPhones 2018 into .

Adding pressure to recent rumors, Kuo expects the two more S10 models to include fingerprint sensors in the display, and a smaller model to include a fingerprint sensor on the side.

Kuo adds that Samsung "aggressive" will be prompted scanning fingerprints on the screen – probably because it's a feature Apple does not intend to include on its iPhone that comes in.

Kuo anticipates Samsung could have 40 million Galaxy S10 phones next year, mainly the two more models – there is no doubt the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. Samsung could also ship 14 million to 16 million Galaxy Note 10 phones next year, according to the report.

10/7/18: Galaxy S10 Plus Samsung will reach out with five (bump!) cameras, And Bell reports.

Samsung is probably planning three Galaxy S10 models for 2019, and earlier rumors will be claiming the Galaxy S10 Plus featuring a set of exciting triple triple triple P20 cameras, similar to iPhone X Plus and # 39; n come in Apple.

Korea Website The Bell now reports that the successor of S9 Plus will also include a dual camera installation forward, which is likely to enable a face scan similar to Apple's Face ID. Earlier rumors claim that a 3D scanning camera will be replaced by an easy-to-carry Samsung magazine scanner on the S10 line next year.

The report also has more information on the S10 Plus triple shaped lens setup, which is alleged to include a wide angle lens, telephoto lens, and a 16MP lens, a new 120-degree ultra-angle.

However, the Galaxy S10 standard (Beyond 1 & # 39;) and Entry level (Beyond 0 & # 39;) are not expected to offer camera applications of this type. The S10 will offer the same three camera set on the back but only one on the front, according to the report, while Beyond 0 & # 39; brings standard standard cameras – one at the front and one at the back.

9/7/18: Samsung is planning a budget version & # 39; from Galaxy S10 that will not include an inappropriate fingerprint scanner, back And Bell.

Add pressure to earlier rumors (below), Korea's website reports that Samsung is developing three variants of the Galaxy S10, named Beyond 0, Beyond 1 & # 39; Beyond 2 & # 39 ;.

And Bell notes that, while the latter two will be endless devices that will include screen-mounted fingerprint sensors, Beyond 0 will be the first "entry level" device in the Samsung series.

This model will not include a non-display fingerprint scanner, according to the report, and will instead contain a side-by-side sensor similar to what appears on the Moto Z3 and past Sony devices . If it's legal, this is the first time that Samsung has adopted such a situation for fingerprint sensor, with And Bell stating that it is likely to be located at the right edge of the user's thumb.

The decision to ban a fingerprint sensor in an exhibition on the Beyond 0 variation has made, surprisingly, to cut costs.

Chipmaker on Display (FOD) Technology on the S10 series, supplied by Qualcomm Chymmaker, costs $ 15 per module, according to the report – seven times more expensive than the $ 2 module and Fats on Samsung's leading phones at the moment.

26/6/18: Samsung could propose to release three new Galaxy S10 devices next year, according to the Korean News News website.

The report, which states "multiple industry officials involved in the development of the next Galaxy S series", claims that Samsung plans to follow Apple's footprint, which will also It is likely to launch three new devices later this year.

According to the report, the first device, which has aligned in Beyond 0, will include a 5.8in screen and a one-lens camera installation, very similar to the Galaxy S9 present. Beyond 1 & # 39; joins this, and will also include a 5.8in screen but will set a set of upgraded dual games.

The Beyond 2 & #, ET News claims, is a 6.26 more screen pack, and it is likely that the Galaxy S10 Plus will arrive. It will also play a triple-like lens camera similar to what appears on the Huawei P20 Pro if the report is to believe it.

ET News he does not have much else to tell about the trio of incoming models that S10, but it does not indicate that Samsung is not yet ready to launch his first mobile phone – and the Galaxy X – and "rush to develop". According to recent rumors, it will reach MWC next year, with the S10 intending to launch a month earlier in CES.

25/6/18: Samsung Galaxy S10 will say they would ditch the magazine scanner in favor of a sensor & Face ID & # 39; from Apple style.

So a report from the South Korea website says And Bell, who has heard from anonymous sources that the Galaxy S10 will be adopting a 3D sensory camera that will replace the current and easy-to-do magazine magazine scanner.

This will not be the only validation of the device, as the report claims that Samsung will also be equipped with the S10 with an internal fingerprint sensor. This is, And Bell is being developed by Qualcomm, Synaptics and the Taiwan Institute of Technology, although the report states that Samsung "could reform its strategy" if the technology should not be ready for the smart January launch smartphone .

The report does not put much else away, but it states – like the company's previous statements – there will be two variations: the Galaxy S10 58in and the 6.3in Galaxy S10 Plus.

21/6/18: An alleged prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S10 shows that the leading may adopt a X-school all-screen design for iPhone.

An image of the prototype was posted to Twitter by the famous World Universe (below). Although not specifically mentioning the Galaxy S10, its use of the word is beyond & # 39; – It is believed that this is the leading leading Samsung name code – all of it gives it away.

The practical picture shows that the Galaxy S10 could adopt a fully screened screen design, which is legally visible on the Oppo Find X – which would provide a screen-to-one screen, 93 per cent, up from the 83.6 per cent ratio found on the Galaxy S8 and S9.

Like Oppo Find X, there is no sign of a front camera – or indeed, any sensors – at the front of the device, suggesting that Samsung could be later to adopt a face-to-face camera that is opposed to an iPhone X-style note. Earlier this month, we heard that Samsung could avoid adopting a display cut by providing the S10 with an innovative, innovative emitting technology.

Before you have your hopes up, although we find it hard to believe that the prototype shows; fel hyn yn rhoi darlun cyfreithlon o flaenllaw blaenllaw Samsung 2018 o gofio bod lansio'r brif flaenoriaeth o leiaf chwe mis i ffwrdd.

Yn ôl sibrydion diweddar (isod), mae'r Galaxy S10 yn debygol o wneud ei ymddangosiad swyddogol cyntaf yn CES y flwyddyn nesaf yn Las Vegas.

14/6/18: Bydd Samsung yn osgoi cadw gêm ar Galaxy S10 y flwyddyn nesaf trwy fabwysiadu technoleg arddangos futuristic, sain-allyrru, meddai ETNews.

Mae'r adroddiad cyhoeddi Corea y mae Samsung, ynghyd â LG, yn bwrw golwg ar 'arddangosiadau allyrru sain' ar ei ffonau smart yn dechrau'r flwyddyn nesaf, wedi dangos yn flaenorol prototeipiau'r dechnoleg yn yr expo SID y mis diwethaf.

Bydd y dechnoleg arddangos hon yn caniatáu i sain gael ei allyrru trwy sgrîn ffôn, gan ddileu'r angen am glust clust sy'n wynebu wyneb, ac yn ei dro, toriad arddangos X-arddull iPhone. Mae hyn yn golygu y gallai Samsung, pe bai i fabwysiadu camera self-pop poblogaidd fel y Vivo Nex a gyhoeddwyd yn ddiweddar, gwthio'r sgrin ar yr S10 i gyd i ymyl uchaf y ddyfais.

16/5/18: Yn ôl pob tebyg, mae Samsung yn bwriadu cyfarparu Galaxy S10 y flwyddyn nesaf gydag arddangosiad sydyn-sydyn a fydd yn chwythu'r iPhone X allan o'r dŵr.

Yn ôl Twitter Byd-eang Ieithoedd tipster Twitter, bydd y sgrin S10's sgrin S10 yn mynd yn fwy na 600ppi – ergydio 458ppi iPhone X a sgrin 570ppi Galaxy S9.

Mae'n dal i gael ei weld, bydd yr arddangosfa yn cyd-fynd â disgleirdeb llygad y Sony Xperia XZ Premium, fodd bynnag, sy'n pecyn sgrin 5.8in 3840×2160 4K gyda dwysedd picsel o 760ppi.

Yn ogystal â datrysiad sgrinio ar y cof, disgwylir hefyd i'r Galaxy S10 gynnwys cymhareb sgrin i gorff o 93 y cant – gwella cymhareb 83.6 y cant Galaxy S9.

Ymhellach, mae'n edrych, mae'n edrych yn gynyddol tebygol y bydd y Galaxy S10 yn ffonio Samsung cyntaf i ddangos darllenydd olion bysedd sgrin ar ôl i Bydysawd Iâ tweetio na fydd y dechnoleg ultrasonic yn ei wneud i'r Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

"Mae bron yn sicr bod Nodyn9 heb unrhyw FOD [Fingerprint-reader On Display]", darllenwch y tweet.

4/5/18: Rumours claim Samsung will launch its Galaxy S10 flagship in January 2018, with plans to launch its long-awaited foldable smartphone at MWC in February.

Korean newspaper The Bell, naturally, reports that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to see an official unveiling at CES in January, with the "procurement of parts" to begin in October.

While this isn't the first time we've heard that Samsung might launch its next flagship smartphone ahead of schedule, this rumour has a bit more meat. The Bell claims that the S10's launch has been pushed forward to make room for its long-rumoured foldable 'Galaxy X' smartphone.

Samsung has reportedly asked suppliers to start supplying component for the smartphone this November, with plans to unveil the handset at MWC.

The so-called Galaxy X will feature a"fold-in structure", The Bell notes, comprising three 3.5in OLED panels. The front of the product will reportedly be equipped with two 3.5in panels to create a 7in screen, with an additional 3.5in display on the rear.

3/5/18: Samsung's Galaxy S10 is codenamed "Beyond" and will be the first to feature a screen-embedded fingerprint sensor, according to Korean news outlet The Bell.

Citing the "parts industry" as its source, the website claims that Samsung's 'Beyond' codename is fitting for the firm's 10th-anniversary flagship, with the firm aiming to "go beyond" what it has already achieved in the smartphone market.

To do that, the Galaxy S10 will be the first Samsung smartphone to be kitted out with Fingerprint on Display (FOD) tech, according to the report, which notes that the firm has attempted to introduce the feature since the Galaxy S8 but failed due to "technical difficulties".

Samsung will manage to embed a fingerprint sensor into the Galaxy S10's AMOLED screen, The Bell claims, although it's unclear who will be providing the firm with the futuristic tech.

It is not currently known if the Galaxy S10 will also feature iPhone X-a-like 3D sensing technology on the front.

"Unlike FOD, partners in the 3D sensing module are not detecting mass-production movements," one electronics industry official said.

18/4/18: The Galaxy S9 may be just weeks-old, but Samsung has reportedly finalised the design of next year's Galaxy S10.

So says Korean website The Bell, which claims that Samsung's 10th-anniversary Galaxy S series phones will arrive early next year equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 3D sensing camera, similar to that found on the iPhone X.

The handset's under-screen fingerprint sensor, the report claims, is currently being developed by Qualcomm and Synaptics in the US, and Aegis Tech in Taiwan. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ will likely be the first Samsung smartphones to come equipped with the tech, with recent reports noting that, despite earlier rumours, the Galaxy Note 9 is unlikely to carry the feature.

The Galaxy S10's rumoured 3D-sensing module is being developed by camera firms Mantis Vision and Woodgate, The Bell notes. Further details about this feature remain vague, but it likely will offer iPhone X-style face-unlock functionality, improving on Samsung's current, and somewhat lacklustre iris-scanning solution.

Elsewhere, the Korean report debunks speculation that the Galaxy S10 will feature the foldable AMOLED screen that we've heard so much about, and instead claims that Samsung will stick to same curved Infinity displays found on this year's S9 and S9+.

The screens are allegedly getting bigger, though, with the S10 and S10 Plus tipped to feature 5.8in and 6.3in panels, respectively, 0.03in and 0.08in larger than their predecessors.

That's all The Bell has to give, but an earlier report claimed that – somewhat unsurprisingly – the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will be powered by Samsung's as-yet-unannounced Exynos 9820 SoC, that's expected to debut inside the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung's Exynos variants are typically released in Europe, with Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon 855 processor set to power its US-bound version.

Samsung, naturally, hasn't commented on the rumours. µ

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