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Ryan puts her amazing side of a fight with Turris


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Day after dropping the gloves Kyle Turris, The Bobby Ryan He felt like throwing a bit of striking scratches when asking for the fight with an old team team.

When asked about TV cameras holding the two stars lying on each other of the penalty box after their second phase fury, Ryan said he and Turris swapped holiday switches simply.

"It was Christmas greetings, I asked what the children and the wife were doing." He asked me the same thing, "said Ryan. "No – just continue to emotion the battle."

Ottawa fans have seen a fight involving a Senator and former team member in the past. Y Chris Neil– –Zdeno Chara resulting from the 2011-2012 campaign is the one that will take the most into this market. But both had been in the heavy hands of NHL when they were square, and the pair of skilled heads joined Ryan-Turris on Monday night, each of them had fought six times in their respective NHL careers.

Naturally, many fans of the view that having to fight this fight include dynamics off the ice between the players. The two left room for interpretation on Monday, when Ryan refused to talk to the media and Turris refused to comment.

"That's what it is – and to leave on that," said Turris when asked about the fight on Monday. "I'm just going to talk about it."

On Tuesday, Ryan poured cold water on the theory that his fight with Turris had nothing to do with a relative away from the border.

"I had no problems [Turris]. You are not always as close as people you play with the time. I would not say we were too close, but we were absolutely encouraging, "said Ryan." Never have any problems, so there's nothing to do with it. w read in. "

At one point, Ryan was asked if anything had settled between the two ex-members on Monday night.

"Not me or him, no. No need to settle anything," he said always.

But Ryan seems a little surprised that Turris was cut across the hands in the seconds that led to the fight. Ryan, who has lost a significant time in each of the last five terms with hand injuries or finger, believes that Turris should not be so careless around her hands.

"I did not like the slash. I know the story, right? It's been here," said Ryan. "I felt like it was really behind me on the finger, so I gave him a whack that gave me a dirt. We only traded until it became more and more."

Then a correspondent asked him if he was surprised that Turris would intentionally target his injured fingers if he was very aware of the history of Ryan's injuries.

"No. I was not surprised at all," said Ryan.

Ryan explained his attention a few minutes later, saying he felt that Turris might be very frustrated that he had lost a good fight with him, which was precautionary to their fights.

And Sens's sensation did not block Turris accused of rigorously targeting his hands by saying that this was not like seeing a player taking forward an opponent with a knee knee knee.

"There's a strange situation as hands are laughing – everyone is already doing fun of my hands and fingers, so I've really used it," said Ryan. "So, I do not really connect it to a large body part as a knee, but it's a bit tough to do."

Ryan, who fought with the most recent fighting before the one with Turris Kris Russell in March 2014, he said he would never have had the experience of dropping the gloves with an old team company.

"That's the first to me – but it was not strange. You're missing out when you're there," he said.

Ryan returned to Sens line last week after losing a week with agree. But he said his history was not in his mind when he decided to drop the gloves with Turris on Monday.

"You're caught up in what is happening, the emotion that happens and then the adrenaline starts. The hands and agree was the last thing on my mind, "said Ryan. "You can feel energy in the building. It's very nice for people to get excited about something similar. There's a different part of the game that I do not do a lot, so feeling different about it is fun. "

Senators' players were hitting their fates against the boards in Ryan's approval after the battle and the fight was still being talked about inside the dressing room on Tuesday.

"Clearly, they're very good friends for me," he said Mark Borowiecki. "That is the type of fighting that, no matter which side of the fence you are sitting on fighting-wise, you have to be right with those." & # 39: n emotional game. A game has been warmed up and sometimes it's going to boil over it. It was not held. Only two men went on. "

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