Tuesday , November 24 2020

Russia is handling the hole of the space station as a forensic investigation – BGR

The strange hole found in the Soyuz space station attached to the International Space Station continues to be a major focus for Russian space agency Roscosmos. When it was first discovered, it was thought to be a damage to a small space rock, but it quickly became apparent that a hole was actually trapped before the spacecraft passed the Earth.

Russia allegedly claimed that it was likely to be intentional sabotage, but Roscosmos has not made any explicit announcement about when the hole was drilled or by whom. In order to assist in his investigation, Russia held a planned o'clock yesterday so that cosmonauts could investigate damage to the outside and collect samples. It becomes an unprecedented "whodunnit", and it's happening in space.

The space, which took almost eight hours full, Oleg Kononenko and Sergei Prokopyev task cosmons with the removal of an external layer of protective insulation of the area around the hole before taking samples from the area damaged. That material will be stolen back to the Earth when the spacecraft returns home and researchers will use it when searching for the truth.

After removing the insulation and downloading images and recording a video of the damage, the fresh insulation cosmons set over the top of the hole that has already been clicked.

Unlike any space before him, the extravehicular activity of the cosmons that started began was very challenging. As reported by the Russian news body TASS, performing the investigation and gathering a sample was difficult because it was in an area of ​​the ship where members of the crew would not normally venture. With no links or railings, the men had to move slowly and systematically.

Russia hopes to make a positive decision about the hole in space or on Earth, but up to this point every word of the country has suggested that it is created during the manufacturing process.

Image Source: NASA

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