Friday , August 19 2022

RUMOR: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 In HP Documents


Some spray donors saw that HP appears to be many publicly available documents that list the "GTX 1180" graphics card from NVIDIA. This is not the first time I heard this card but this * evidence is still occasional, this post has been tagged as a noise. In other words, use a large amount of salt while highlighting this article. I will say properly from the bats that this is probably an OEM product or even plain olpopo (although we would personally wish to be increasingly unlikely to consider how many documents are & # 39; n related to this).

NVIDIA GTX 1180 In HP Documentation – Non-RTX New Type or Card?

To reach the different brochures and material on this card, you can Google "HP Obelisk GTX 1180" and there are only one example of this card on the internet. He made some simple searches and even found it listed in a different, advanced, obelisk online e-tailer system. There are now two great possibilities here: either this is a typo / documentation only that was not updated after the RTX nomination was disclosed OR is a non-NVX card from NVIDIA as GTX 1660.

An extract from HP Omen "Datasheet" is readily available online.

We start with the less interesting explanation: this is an example of partners forgetting to change the nomination of the brand pre-release to the new one. The same evidence that gives credit to this is the fact that the GTX 1180 does not make sense of designation. GTX 1680 or a similar naming scheme would make more sense and fit with the GTX 1660. That says, it would be very easy to be the place holder for the end of 1680. There is very little evidence on either side so it could also move on to the more exciting option.

This is a non-RTX non-current Tensor card (such as the 1660) leakage. Now, according to the schedule list that I found and the HP documents, GTX has 1180 8GB of vRAM. Now, here is the GTX 1660 RTX 2060 essentially with the tensor and RTX pockets being disabled through hardware straps, so NVIDIA would be very easy to do the same as 2080 (although it makes less sense of product perspective for dying as large as the 2080) if it wants to do so.

With just a little more googling, you can even find finiler lists of GTX 1180.

This story is further confirmed by the fact that benchmarks "GTX 1180" can be seen at GFXbench earlier this year, and it showed that the software recognized the card as 2080. This also makes sense because of the Like the 1160 that uses the same table number with 2060 We will expect the 1180 to be no more than 2080 dies with RTX and # 39; The disabled tension through hardware straps and benchmarking software could easily be confused with 2080.

Regardless of whether this seems true or not, I am all in favor of offering a cheaper GTX 1180 from the company that would allow her to go back to the best of gamers worldwide. The company's revenue took a lot of trouble during this quarter, and although there was a fault of cryptocurrencies in fault, part of the reason is the lack of RTX removal due to a very high pricing at present. "1180" would break effectively through that problem and may also help with a binning.

Old benchmark showing "GTX 1180". By courtesy of Videocardz.

What do you think about a possible GTX 1180 without an RTX and Tensor series?


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