Monday , November 30 2020

Royal Christmas cards have released – CNN

The Duchess can be seen broadly smiling as she has a Louis baby, while three-year-old Charlotte and George five years old are still dad.

Harry and Meghan with never before saw their shot from their wedding night

At the same time, Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, released their own Christmas card which shows both welcoming their wedding night in May.

The ever-seen blow that shows that the new belts with arms around each other as they watch a fireworks display are taken on Frogmore land House, Windsor.

Harry and Meghan will go to live permanently at Frogmore Cottage nearby as they prepare to reach their first child, who will be seventh according to the British throne, in spring 2019.

Charles and Camilla chose an original view of the couple on a bench

The father of William and Harry, the Prince Charles, had chosen a romantic shot alongside his wife, Camilla.

The cards are part of a Christmas tradition for the royal family, who usually spend a holiday season at Sandringham, the Queen's rural estate in the countryside of Norfolk, about 100 miles to the north from London.

The family arrive at Christmas Eve for afternoon tea and black tie lunch, as well as opening presents. After breakfast on a Christmas morning, they attend a church service and then walk and country games.

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