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Rivian R1T Electric Truck Video Tour Overland Expo

Rakian, the electric vehicle automaker, brought a very special version of her R1T pickup truck to Overland Expo West in northern Arizona. We've shown the pictures of the truck for you, but now it's time for a unique video tour of the rig over the land, straight from the floor of the outlet.

While the construction is certainly comparable to those of the other rigs in the outlet, the Rivian is predicting how a weekend could completely off the grid look in the future – using no gas in the future. the process.

Without a doubt, the mobile kitchen is the most unique feature, which slides into an additional storage space of the truck, which has to be located under the bed. The kitchen unit has a number of drawers to fill with pots and pans, as well as an electric cooking room and additional prep space. According to Rivian, early estimates suggest that the unit can be used for a week's journey and only 11 per cent of the battery is used. And while we haven't seen it in action yet, the company claims to have 400 miles of EV range from its R1T option. This should, in theory, leave enough variety to go home without anxiety.

The rest of the truck is a classic classical specification, including a tent set on the bed with a school to reach, an electric cooler fitting in the space, and extra racks above the cab. And when the truck accessories are packed away, its specimens look to be very promising in the wild. The wagons claimed 700 horse riding and 36 inch wavy depth were impressive, and according to Rivian, you can choose skid plates to protect the front motors and rear.

This fiction of the lorry over the land means that we want to get behind the wheel earlier. Rivian still claims that a ready-made version of the R1T is coming late next year. Only then can we see whether this electricity rise has real land capabilities.

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