Sunday , April 11 2021

Red Hill closed in both directions after 30k liters of lack of liquid asphalt after an accident

Hamilton police warns of "major delays" in the morning commuting after tracking of transport trucks on the Red Hill Valley Park.

The single vehicle collision occurred at 4:30 a.m., the police say. The road will be closed for several hours as cleaning takes place. Both of the north and south of the lanes in the area are closed.

Dave Cunliffe's Chief Fire said in a statement that a tanker truck carrying about 40,000 liters of liquid asphalt had rolled after hitting the CPC that crossed the Hill Hill slightly to & # 39; r from King Street.

"Fluid asphalt dropped from the tanker across the north and north lanes down through the center center and across one lane of the southern lanes," said Cunliffe. "Hamilton's Fire Department's hazardous team was able to include the leakage product from the tanker unit as well as establishing embedded systems in the median and road."

Emergency crews estimate that about 30,000 liters of asphalt have dropped out of the tanker.

Two people who were in the truck when the accident came out of the wreck by firefighters using a school of the sky followed by paramedics, said Cunliffe. The police say they have been taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

The Ministry of Environment fire crews informed the city's public work department, who sent a representative CP to the location to assess the bridge.

There was no need to exhaust, Cunliffe said.

Researchers are now trying to find out what the collision has caused. The police say that no criminal payments or Highway Traffic Act have yet been installed.

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