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Recovery comes short in a strange, wild finish against Nuggets


TORONTO – "They bring you in waves, man," said Mike Malone, coach head of Denver Nuggets, for the Toronto Raptors following the 106-103 Loss of Monday Adapters.

Praise, to be sure, on an evening where the Raptors played an uncomfortable game by three quarters before requiring late restoration – just to finish only frustrating.

Hey, they can not be hits.

Monday was a good day for the Raptors. As the team strengthens its claim as the best NBA game through 25 games, capturing a record streak and a 20-4 record in the tilt against the Nuggets, two key pieces to & # 39 ; Best start in franchise history, Kawhi Leonard and coach Nick Nurse, are recognized for their achievements.

Nurse – in his first month as head of NBA bench, Honors Coach of the Month have not earned less. "I feel I've had Lamborghini," said Nurse shortly before going to an end, reducing his own contributions. He has done a good job of using the many mobile parts on his list and has trained Raps through everything of double digital benefits, winning a win, strikes, loses strikes, and everything between them, and – Monday to departure – the team as well as his location as he could have hoped this early in the season.

Set NBA games across the league, including over 40 Raptors games. In addition, you will get the NHL, MLB, Premier League, CHL and more.

In the case of Leonard, he has been totally advertise, and has already started capturing his game as he gets more comfortable playing in Nursing systems and gives last season injury mood behind him. Leonard was named Player of the Week in the East after averaging only 30 points of the game over the past seven days, along with nine restatures, highlighted by his 37-point lighters in the Raptors overtime against the Golden Warriors Golden last Friday.

Leonard was scared again on Monday, leading the Raptors with 27 points and reached what could have been the winner of the game with a seven-seventh remaining in a strange, wild finish at Scotiabank Arena. (More about that in a moment.)

Of course, the Nuggets are not their own shrubs. Denver runs the first place in the West and headed Monday with the former Player of the Week himself Paul Millsap, which was 21.5 points, 10 boards and three assistants during the past week for Denver to go 2-0, with a win against Portland and a 32-point blast against LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers. (Remember when Millsap, who is connected annually with the Raptors in trade rumors, considered the possible solution to unlock the potential of the Raptors, the long "third star" to accompany Lowry and DeMar DeRozan? Toronto to the season and this new news, A kernel's look does mean that it seems like an eternity back.)

On night, Jamal Murray went to the guardian against the building with an insight into him, the biggest Nuggets star, without any doubt, was the center of Nikola Jokic. The 23-year-old illegal 23-year-old game and incredible design was centered from the centre – he had 10 assistants by half term – on a full display. Jokic helped Nuggets to extend towards the end of the second quarter, and his fire decision was passing by and fire quickly with Denver breaking the ball around and holding the Raptors off the guard, taking a leader 12 -point half term.

"I was very kind that we would be able to disturb [Jokic] with a little more pressure, "said Nurse after the game." He seemed to treat him. We worked hard on it, we tried to put it under some trouble with the ball, but it was not a fake. "

Jokic's question was not taken down the part, along with a skill set without unreal, with no questions about why he was so respected. And everything starts with its ability to find team friends.

"It's a great transmitter, a man. It makes the game much easier for everyone from around it," said Nuggets, the Mason Plumlee, who received more than one big alley-oop . "I've seen the floor so good. I do not know what its line was like tonight, but I would imagine that he had a lot of helpers."

Fifteen, to be precisely, to go together with 23 high-team and 11 points repeat, and several clutches make the part down.

In the meantime, Leonard comes up to the Raptors. "With a player like this," said Gary Harris, one of the best NBA wing shields and Nuggets, who left a game on Monday with a wound injury, "it's so grateful to you that you & # 39; n stopped it. "

It was true, and Leonard could not stop, scoring 16 in the first half. The same could not be said about its fellow members. Kyle Lowry, for example, scored in the opening half and finished the game with just five points on 1-to-7 shoot but managed 11 assistants. Serge Ibaka made some key baskets in the second half, and Pascal Siakam had to catch with 14 points, but the secondary scoring was difficult to bring the Raps. There was no shot night of three points per 26 points for Toronto helping his case, either.

And then that frenzy finish.

He started with a fitted jumper from Leonard, drove to the right and pulled up to a penguin snake to put the Raptors up one with a remaining 55 seconds. Jokic responded to a factory on the next possession. Danny Green had a chance of winning the lead – the first to get a jumper, the second, after a loose ball abstinence, was a deep look.

Jokic heard the conflicts and the Nuggets shared their leaflets for free, putting the chance to get Toronto's final possession to win the game. With 12 seconds on the clock, the Raptors disrupted the ball and Leonard bordered the basket, turned, jumped, and dropped over two defendants for a jumper. Swish. Mitigation game.

But with the remaining seven seconds, Denver held the chance to win a win. That's when the fake call happened. After the ball was injured, Ibaka promptly called for a foul on Jokic, feeling the big man as he tried to run off the screen. The Nuggets sent the drop-in line and, because the gap was happening away from the ball, it meant that Denver still occupied.

A crucial turnpoint, and a surprise call given that weight of possession, but not unexpectedly exactly if Ibaka is still Jokic before starting playing.

As they wait for the ball to be injured, Jokic – twice – had ridiculed Ibaka's weapons dramatically and raised his hands in the air looking towards the referees to pay attention. They did that, and when the ball was disregarded, Ibaka of Jokic's good attention to the Raptors center called for the dirty. Jokic sponsored his shot for free, and when the Nuggets returned the ball again to a great man and was deliberately cast, this time, he was quietly silent to hit the victory.

After the Game Nurse says he would have to check the gap in question before commenting on it. Ibaka, and Lowry, made quick exits following the game and did not talk to the media.

"This is the right call," said Plumlee. "I respect that, usually in the NBA, you let guys play down the part. But if you're going to call the other three quarters, you have to call it in the fourth. You have to be able to run on an offense, and if there is no freedom of movement, where will you go?

"And [Ibaka] know better. "

Here's the type of play you see through the time, a veteran player uses whatever option it is available to slow down the opponent. Unfortunately for the Raptors, this time the hammer came down from the officers, which was a front and a focal point in a warm and chippy finish.

So, a difficult loss for the Raptors, even if they were fighting back in a game that was about to get out of hand early.

A Monday game represented the first game in what will surely be the toughest part of the Raptors this season. After Denver, the Raptors are going on to face the 76ers Philadelphia, and then after a Brooklyn Goods competition on Friday, the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, Warriors – this time with Steph Curry expects to be in the line – Portalnd Trail Blazers, the Nuggets again in Denver, and then they will return home for a game against Indiana Pacers. In particular, Brooklyn, those teams have a combined 103-58 record.

This is not easier here for the Raptors. Go to next next.

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