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Recent emails released show Trudeau officers striving to go ahead of Atwal scandal


Senior government officials had argued to break facts together and "narrate" an embarrassed narrative last February immediately after the breakdown news that an invitation to death was made to a unique event during the Prime Minister's official visit, Justin Trudeau i India

New documents received by the News through Access to Information WBQ show that Canada officials are striving to work out how Jaspal Atwal was invited to a lunch hosted by the Canadian commissioner to India – while going back on a media report in suggest they know about the invitation from the beginning.

Atwal, a former member of an illegal Sikh divisional group, was convicted in 1986 of attempting to kill an Indian cabinet minister visiting British Columbia. His participation in a touring event led to the most durable symbol of India Trudeau's incredible journey: a picture of Atwal with the wife of prime minister Sophie-Gregoire Trudeau, at a separate touring event.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau with Jaspal Atwal at an Indian film industry event in Mumbai in February during the official visit of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to India. (Supplied by Jaspal Atwal)

Atwal's presence, and the security questions that he had raised, embarrassed the triponing trip of Trudeau trip to India. The prime minister was criticized repeatedly during the trip for the wear of traditional Indian clothing to official functions. His attempts to convince Indian government to raise tariffs on buses, beans and chicken chicks from Canada failed.


Most e-mails are repeatedly repeated. Parliamentary Parliamentary and Intelligence Security Committee releases its own report this afternoon on the national security implications of the India trip.

The WBQ News revealed the Atwal exposure for the first time in a news story touring event on February 21, capturing a number of emails between some ancient Trudeau bureaucrats responsible for the defense and national security files .

An email was sent on the day the WBQ story was released making it clear that the highest boss did not know who had invited Atwal.

"The person appears to be placed on the guest list by a Minister – it's not known whichever," said the e-mail from David Angell, assistant secretary to the Cabinet on foreign policy and defense.

In fact, MP Randeep Sarai – one of the 14 Liberal MPs who travels with the Prime Minister in India admitted to add an Atwal name to the guest list.

Later the same day, Daniel Jean – the current prime minister's national security adviser – writes in an internal email: "It is not realistic to screen all the guests on each reception list and not We had any information until this AM suggested that a potential hotel could be problematic. "

On February 23, Vancouver Sun announced a story that alleged that the Security Information Service Canada had been informed of Atwal's participation at an official touring event on February 17. That story touched other messages -bost at high levels of Trudeau government.

In an email chain under the subject line, which we can return, Jean, Angell, Assistant Secretary of Cabinet (Security and Intelligence), Caroline Xavier and federal officials anonymously sought camels to go on I'm the story and chat and the suggestion that the government had been warned for Atwal.

Who knew what and when?

"Can we confirm that the HC (high commission) had not received this," said one email sent to Jean at 8:30 am on February 23. "On the phone with the plane and they want to know . "

Jean's reply, sent only five minutes later, is completely drained.

Then, Jean writes to Angell: "Can you confirm with the mission that no such information was received in advance … … Most of the contents were covered Background media that all these variations have proved wrong to date, but someone is still trying to feed this information. "

Just 30 minutes later, Jean sent another email to an unexplained receiver asking what information the mission in New Delhi has to accept regarding Atwal's presence.

"Information from CSIS, information from RCMP or information from private citizens? Why did not they get up with us before the invitation ended?"

On February 22 and 23, in reporters' briefing sessions, Jean proposed a hypothesis: that the fraudulent prisoners in Indian government had organized Atwal's presence in order to embarrass Trudeau and sabotage the journey.

In April, Jean told the Commons committee that he held those briefings to resist what he described as a "false narrative" and "coherent misunderstanding" about the Trudeau trip.

Jean retired from the public service at the end of April.

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