Thursday , July 7 2022

Real Alchemy & Chinese: Chinese Scientists Discover Way to turn Copper in Gold & # 39;



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Alchemicals have been struggling for ages to create the stones of the legendary philosopher who can turn some precious metals, among other things, and in particular – into gold. Everyday Chinese scientists appear to have come close to performing such a transformation.

A group of Chinese scientists from the Institute of Chemical Physics of Dalian has published research in the Science Advances magazine, which describes how he successfully converted copper into "almost the same" material for gold and silver. The metal, the scientists obtained as a result of the experiment was able to serve as a trigger for a reaction that produces alcohol of coal – precious metal-like metals can only do.

Researchers bomb a piece of copper with a stream of argon gas accused of electricity and being accused of electricity. The procedure raises its atoms, making their electrons more intense and more stable, making the material resulting from resistance to erosion resistance, oxidation and high temperature.

The research paper states that the new copper-based material can be cheaply replaced by expensive gold and money when producing electronic devices, which require substantial amounts of these materials.

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At the same time, the material will not be very useful for counterfeiters, since its intensity stays the same as copper, making the material lighter than gold and poor choice to make gold or gold coins.

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