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Rangers of Edmonton Oilers vs. New York (2/21/2019)


The Oilers needed to be won. They had two wins in their previous games in this game. It has not been the Oilers year in 2019 to date.

At this point, you're hoping for an entertaining game with some good goals and effort. Certainly, the Oilers start with that and continue that for most of the game. That is the Oilers game should wins and they were not nearly Oscar Klefbom's late goal tied the game and the Oilers finished in the overtime with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl doing their things.

The Oilers had a very bad finish in the first phase and the second phase was a bit of load. Still all, they came back fired in the third and won a win.

  • Sam Gagner! His first goal as Oiler since 2014. Gagner should provide more crime than Ryan Spooner did not like Oiler. I thought he was really looking to play with McDavid and Zack Kassian. Anything weird to see Gagner and Kassian on the same line considering their history, but this is a strange time as expected. Gagner is able to offend and that is what the Oilers need at the moment.
  • The Oilers had a good start. Draisaitl continues to be a hot part and puts another goal on the play power. Start 2-0! Everything was coming up Oilers during the first half of the first phase.
  • The Oilers grow the Islanders significantly for most of the game. Yes, this is the second half of the back of the Islanders, but it's good to see restricting the opportunities of the opposition and producing opportunities. Getting Klefbom and Andrej Sekera back help. Both are a protector who can move the pump on a defective defensive group of shortcomers that move short. That is a five consecutive game they have taken the other team out.
  • The Oilers came on again in the third phase and the game was inevitable. That was a game where the Oilers could have folded easily in the second phase.

  • McDavid reaches Nick Leddy in the head and gets two minutes to look at the head. I do not think McDavid has any supplementary discipline from the league, but it did not play great. McDavid gives so many of them every night so he has always allowed a curious decision.
  • Darnell Nurse and Anders Lee are still engaging with each other. Both get penalties and Russell has another penalty to put down 5 to 3.
  • Jordan Eberle had some kind of point highly predictable. The former Oiler attack is alive and good.
  • The Oilers had a good start. Then they allowed three unresolved goals. That was less well. Two came on the power, but that can not happen in such a short time.
  • Koskinen set in three goals at 23 shots. .870 rescue percentage is not good enough. I know they are killing the penalty, but this team needs to go well if they want to win and the sub-.900 percentage will save most nights.

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