Tuesday , August 9 2022

Random: PS4 State Play Presentation Play PS Nintendo Direct & # 39; Twitter trend



Yesterday we saw the introduction of State of Play & # 39; first from Sony, a new video presentation series which will include future PS4 publications. Although Sony didn't describe it as such, many compared the series with video presentations 'Direct'; Nintendo immediately – a format that we are sure you are already very familiar with.

The show failed to reach the same levels of hype people expected by Nintendo Direct, but everything is being considered, it has the potential to evolve to be as exciting for PlayStation players in the future. These promising signs were shadowed online, however, as most negatively – came comparisons with Nintendo's broadcast series into Twitter, making a trend of NintendoDirect; on the social media platform.

The following picture was captured by the people at NintendoEnthusiast during the show:

Screenshotthrough Nintendo Enthusiast

It's easy to joke about PlayStation again copying Nintendo's ideas – we've seen this many times before, as can be seen in our video below – but this one makes sense when thinking about it. . Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of the success Nintendo sees with its Direct videos?

Do you think that regular videos such as Nintendo Directs and PlayStation State of Play will continue well into the future? Could this be a sign of the start of the event for events like E3? Please let us know below.

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