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Canada's main stock index was climbing higher in late morning trading, boosted by the energy sector and benefiting from higher oil prices.

The S & P / TSX composite index was 77.21 points at 14,494.10.

In New York, the industrial average of Dow Jones was 180.44 points at 23,856.08. The S & P 500 index was 19,45 points at 2,565.61, while the Nasdaq compound was 46.54 points at 6,830.45.

He traded the Canadian dollar for 74.52 cents of the United States compared to an average of 74.33 cents in the United States on Tuesday.

February's raw agreement was higher than US $ 1.56 at US $ 48.16 per barrel and January's natural gas contract dropped 25.8 cents at US $ 3.58 per mmBTU.

The February gold contract was higher than US $ 5 at US $ 1,258.60 each and a copper contract of March 2.40 cents agreed at US $ 2.69 per pound.


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December 19, 2018 / 7:00 a.m. | Story:

Nearly two dozen user groups, privacy and public health groups urge US regulators to investigate whether children are being compromised by fraudulent things in the Google app store for smart phones that run on its Android software.

The 102 page file file filed on Wednesday with the Federal Trade Commission claiming that the Google Play shop damages children by allowing apps that break privacy laws, include adult content or include treatment advertising in part of a Play store designed for children.

The FTC implementation demand is led by two groups, the Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood and the Center for Digital Democracy, which has attacked the previous Google approach to children. In April, the FTC was asked to cut down on the YouTube YouTube video website for alleged crimes of children's online privacy.

Twenty other groups, including Consumer Action, Public Citizens and the US Public Welfare Research Group joined the latest complaint.

Google announced a statement emphasizing its commitment to protecting children while on-line – one of the reasons that the company says banning advertising has been targeted children under 13 years old.

"We are taking these issues seriously and continue to work hard to get rid of any content that has aimed inappropriately for children from platforms," ​​says Google.

Google software has more than 2 billion worldwide devices, with a significant number of those that are used by underage. The complaint focuses on alleged misconduct under US laws and regulations.

The attempt to emphasize the FTC to open an investigation finds an intense opposition against Google, Facebook and other companies that make most of their money using their services unpaid to track people's interests and where they then enjoy that information to sell targeted ads.

The Angst has raised the appearance of Congress making tighter regulations to stop the power of the technology industry and restrict its ability to collect digital documents about the people who have become increasingly dependent on its services.

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December 19, 2018 / 5:47 pm | Story:

UPDATE 5:47 a.m.

The annual speed of Canada inflation has slowly slowed down last month to 1.7 per cent as the upward weight of higher gasoline prices have been released.

The latest inflationary number of Canadian Statistics was the weak year-year yearly increase since January 2018 – and much colder than the 2.4 percent reading for October.

Economists had expected an increase of 1.8 percent, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

The Canadian statistics say pump prices have contracted a 5.4 percent compared to a year ago due to a decline in global oil prices. With the exception of gasoline, the inflation rate would have increased by 1.9 percent.

The average broadcasts of the three core inflation of the agency, which excludes more unstable items such as gas prices, has slowed to 1.9 per cent last month of two per cent in October. The three core readers are now 1.9 percent – below the ideal target of two percent of Canadian Banks.

The central bank addresses close to core inflation in front of its interest rate decisions. The weaker reading is likely to add to the debate that governor Stephen Poloz leaves his unqualified benchmark rate at the next month's policy meeting.

The bank can raise its set rate of trends as a way of keeping inflation from climbing too high.

BRIEF 5:30 a.m.

The Canadian statistics say that the consumer price index in November was up to 1.7 percent compared to a year ago.

The move compared to a 2.4 per cent increase in October.

Economists had expected an increase of 1.8 percent, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

More coming.


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December 18, 2018 / 8:54 pm | Story:

The Nova Scotia judge has ordered fishermen to block the block survey ships employed by a pulp mill, in a decision that came after the protesters seized their opposition to the plans of the company to pump an effluent to the Northumberland River.

The temporary ban, granted by Justice Denise Boudreau in the Supreme Court, was the most recent round in an increasing conflict over a Northern Pulp bid to drop over 62 million liters a day of waste that had been treated in the rich fishing land.

The company, a subsidiary of the Excellence Paper, has said that the effluent will meet federal regulations for emissions, but objectors resist that there is a lack of sound scientific evidence of how the waste will affect the long-term health of the lucrative crayfish and crayfish fisheries.

Northern Pulp intends to return to court 29 January to seek a long-term injunction.

Allan MacCarthy, one of the fishermen who ordered to stop stopping the company's seismic ship, outside the court that will adhere to the order. However, he referred to the decision as just a "sweeper" in his long-term struggle in the industry with Northern Pulp.

Earlier hours, protesters sanctified outside the court: "Everything I want for Christmas is not a pipeline."

Fishery and Pictou members of Landing First Nation said they will renew their efforts to prevent the pipeline from going on.

Warren Francis, a 49-year-old fisherman and a member of Nation First Landing Pictou, said other protests came.

"I do not think it will stop us. My First Nation will have to step it up. Others are ready to do the same things these men have done," said Francis, referring to the three anglers who appear in court.

When a small group of protesters came out of the pipe to the scene, the police had to intervene as the two sides faced in a yard before the court.

Ben Chisholm, a 65-year-old business agent for the Pipefitters Union, said he had come to support the mill operations because millions of dollars could be lost in economic activity if the mill was closing.

"There is more support to keep the mill open and clean up than I can close," he said in an interview.

In its decision, Boudreau said, although the fishermen had the right to a "legitimate protest," they have no right to stop the survey ships from doing their job.

"A professional protest does not include the description of what was presented in the evidence," he said during his decision.

He also agreed with the company that the issue was a busy issue, since survey ships needed to do their work before ice and winter would be a delay that would last until spring.

The Nova Scotia government is committed to preventing the effluent flow of the Harbor Harbor lagoon that has been totally polluted by January 31, 2020. We have a lagoon near Nation First Landing Landing.

Reference was made to the weaknesses by a Liberal cabinet minister as one of Canada's worst examples of "environmental racism".

Boudreau noted evidence presented by the Northern Pulp lawyer, Harvey Morrison, from a video showing blockade of seismic vessels.

"They have described incidents such as harassment," said Boudreau at court.

"In October and November 2018, the difficulties were canceled, the difficulties became more aggressive."

He also noted evidence of threats made on water and social media.

One of the Northern Pulp affidavits claims that the fishermen at one point shouted in the survey ship that "20 boats were slaughtered," seismic boat workers.

The allegations have not been tried in court.

The judge also said that he accepted that the barrier was "urgent," and there was evidence of serious economic impact if the plant eventually closed due to the actions of the anglers.

"I accept, at least on a temporary basis … it could be harmful here that it would not be invaluable," he said.

An affirmation introduced by the manager of the Bruce Chapman mill says if the mill would close that would mean that 277 employees would fail, and 40 nursery and woodland workers with associated companies would lose their jobs.

Chapman said there would be no work for around 600 contractors of wood harvesters for the mill.

In addition, the affidavit said that the mill supplies about 40 per cent of logs used by the main mill mills in the mid and east of Nova Scotia. In addition, the mill bought almost all wood chips produced by the main mill mills in the province.

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December 18, 2018 / 12:40 pm | Story:

Entrepreneur Tech Elon Musk is to reveal an underground transportation tunnel that could move people faster than subways.

Musk also intends to show the automatic cars that will carry people through the test tunnel, which runs about 2 miles under the streets of Hawthorne, Calif., Spacek Musk HQ. It also plans to reveal designers, saying that it will bring the users' own cars from the street level to the tunnel.

The case comes on Tuesday almost two years to the day since Musk's Twitter was published "traffic made me with nuts" and "it was about to build a tunnel boring machine and start to dig."

"I'm going to do this," he added in response to initial suspicion.

So The Boring Company, deliberately deliberately started. Since the announcement, Musk has revealed a handful of pictures and videos of the tunnel's progress.

The tunnel, which is to be a "test of concept" is used to help Musk and The Boring Company carry out research and development for a wider system in Los Angeles and traffic transport.

One, known as Dugout Loop, would take Los Angeles baseball fans to the Dodger Stadium from one of three subway stations. Another would take travelers from downtown Chicago to Hare International Airport. Both projects are in the environmental review period.

The Boring Company cancelled its plans for another test tunnel on the western side of Los Angeles last month after a neighborhood coalition filed a legal case expressing concerns about traffic and harassment of lorries that drained during the boring process.

Musk has described a system where vehicles would fall through lifters into tunnels and move on on electric platforms called skateboards. Up to 16 pedestrian cyclists and cyclists could also travel on the skirts as quickly as 150 mph (240 km / h).

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December 18, 2018 / 11:36 am | Story:

There will be another boring forecast for the housing market of B.C., one day after home dealers anticipated the Canadian Real Estate Company to continue to eradicate next year.

One Central Credit Union, which provides services to more than 300 credit unions across Canada, says in its housing projection for 2018 to 2021 that B.C. experienced "light provincial housing recession" this year.

The report refers to the federal government mortgage stress test, higher interest rates and provincial provincial policy measures for the downturn and anticipates that "a growing but uneven sales" over the next three years, with a small price shift median home.

Bryan Yu, deputy chief economist of Central 1, said that builders had indicated the shift and the result is a sharp fall in housing starting since September, especially in urban areas.

He says begins at B.C. it is anticipated that they will fall to around 32,000 units in each of the next two years after almost 40,000 units have been built this year and 43,500 in 2017.

But the update also envisages positive looks in the housing market in some areas, including Vancouver Island, where it has retired into market fuel, and in North BC, where demand is boosted without a liquefied natural gas project and associated pipelines.

As work joins the $ 40 billion Canadian LNG project in Kitimat and its surroundings, Central 1 says that housing markets in the north are predicted better than those in southern BC, who hit them and the hardest ones this year.

"Sales in the combined B.C. metro markets from Vancouver, Abbotsford-Mission, Kelowna and Victoria are falling by 40 per cent compared to the end of 2017, led by Lowland markets," says Yu in a news release.

The report shows that annual resale homes transactions rose by 17 per cent in 2018 and median resale prices dropped two percent to $ 520,000.

"Has arrived in the days of increasing fast prices," said Yu.

Negative growth in residential investment will drag on the B.C. wider. economy, but Central 1 update says that the impact should be reduced by continuing demand for consumers associated with the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, high vacancies rates, earnings and growth earnings population.

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December 18, 2018 / 10:23 am | Story:

More than a third of Canadian exporters say they have had a negative impact by steel and aluminum tariffs that affect Canada-U.S. trade, according to a survey by Export Development Canada.

The Ottawa corporation based on Ottawa said Tuesday, among companies who claimed to have been hit by these tariffs, 19 per cent in turn have risen prices and 18 per cent have found markets and other suppliers.

And while the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, has led to uncertainty, the results of the latest federal agency's latest show show that exporters' confidence has eroded in terms of wider global trade tensions such as those between the United States United States and China, said Peter Hall, chief economist in EDC.

Exporters' expectations have now come back to the ground, "said Hall.

"Now we face much more serious global security measures arguments … A battle between China and the US where there are some really real tariffs that are global trade inhibitors," he said in interview.

The federal agency's semi-annual survey showed that overall trade confidence slipped to 73.8 per cent, indicating a 76.5 percent reduction on the previous six month earlier questionnaire when exporters' ghosts were drowned by strong economic activity despite North trade concerns America.

In September, Canada, U.S. and Mexico tried to replace the North American Free Trade agreement, ending months of uncertainty. However, the US steel and aluminum tariffs against Canada and Mexico during the ongoing discussions continue.

In the meantime, the US and China trade war had been increasing until both economic powers reached a cut earlier this month. However, it may be arrested by the highest Chinese technology operation in Vancouver at the request of US authorities to be able to get rid of.

The federal agency, which supports export-oriented companies, conducted a telephone survey of 1,000 small and medium-sized Canadian exporters from October 23 to Nov 13, and found that the USMCA signs had a significant impact on their investment plans.

With transport, 41 per cent of companies surveyed now said they had increased or considered increasing investment – more than doubled the number of companies from six months before a continual trade agreement was still in limbo.

In addition, the percentage of companies say they defer plans because trade agreement negotiations have hit 35 per cent, down from 57 per cent of those surveyed six months earlier.

However, 34 per cent of exporters reported that they had had a negative effect from the steel and aluminum tariffs, more than expected EDC, at the Hall.

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December 18, 2018 / 7:59 am | Story:

Amazon says he plans to create 600 new technology jobs in Toronto.

The online retail behemoth says that jobs will be in areas, including software development, machine learning and cloud computing.

The announcement comes as Amazon expands its core downtown Toronto office.

The city was shortlisted to hold the second headquarters of the company, but eventually missed out to New York City and Arlington, Va.

If the Toronto region had won that bid, it would have landed 50,000 Amazon jobs.

Amazon says that it currently includes more than 800 corporate workers in Toronto.

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December 18, 2018 / 7:24 a.m. | Story:

The Canadian statistics say that manufacturing sales have dropped 0.1 percent in October to $ 58.2 billion, a weaker report than expected economists.

The decline fell as a sale in the timber product and the collapse of primary metal industries, partially offset by higher sales in the food and machinery industries.

Economists had expected a 0.4 per cent increase, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Overall, sales fell in seven of 21 sectors and tracking, representing 40.5 per cent of the manufacturing sector.

The sale of durable goods has dropped by 0.9 per cent to $ 30.0 billion, while sales of heatless goods rose from 0.7 per cent to $ 28.3 billion.

In constant dollar terms, sales increased by 0.2 per cent, indicating that a higher number of goods had been sold.

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December 18, 2018 / 6:47 am | Story:

Marijuana Tilray Canada Ltd has signed a new agreement to work with Sandoz AG, part of the Novartis pharmaceutical group.

The companies say they will work together to increase high quality medical cannabis products around the world.

They say it is an evolution of an existing league between Tilray and Sandoz Canada. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Under the new agreement, Sandoz may support Tilray's commercialization of non-smoking and non-combustible medical cannabis products and collaborate on the development of new products.

They may also be a partner to teach pharmacists and doctors about medical cannabis products.

Tilray Canada is a subsidiary of Tilray Inc., who has listed on the Nasdaq stock market and has operations in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Latin America, Portugal and Canada.

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December 18, 2018 / 5:46 pm | Story:

Canada has the world's fifth largest artificial intelligence workforce, but it is still far from closing the gender gap in the sector, according to the new World Economic Forum sites.

The international organization that used LinkedIn data to find the size of the AI ​​Canada workforce lies behind US, India, Germany and Switzerland, but beat dozens of countries including France, Spain, Singapore to Sweden.

However, the Forum was found as part of annual sites on gender differences that women make only 24 per cent of the AI ​​Canada workforce, and 22 per cent of the AI ​​workforce in the world.

The Forum stated that the lack of women in Canada and the global AI pool is troublesome because it suggests that technology is being developed without a diverse talent, by "limiting its innovation and its ability to be inclusive."

The low integration of women in AI talent pools, he says, is "a significant opportunity lost in a professional domain where there is not enough sufficient supply of sufficient labor already." If it was not referred soon, the Forum warned that the gap could further expand.

Sarah Kaplan, director of the University of Toronto's Sex and Economy Institute said that Canada needed to do more to develop the diversity of the AI ​​workforce because the technology has the potential to suppress many human processes and decisions.

"If we do not have a diverse workforce that works in AI, we risk not only to continue with current prejudice, but in fact broaden them and lead to real negative consequences for the most vulnerable people. our society, "he said.

Despite the country's successes in AI, Wallis said that Canada needs to continue to improve its technology better and focus on registering women in technology-related courses.

As well as publications about the AI ​​workforce, the Forum also revealed Monday that Canada graduated 16th in its annual ranking for gender gap.

The second year in Canada and the 16th states in the list of the international organization, which measures economic, educational, health and political inequalities experienced between men and women in more than 100 countries around the world.

Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland took the highest places, but Canada was higher than Latvia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Switzerland and dozens of other countries.

In terms of pay equality, Canada graduated at 50, behind U.S., Germany, Thailand, Uganda and Ukraine.

The World Economic Forum said this year, the gap between the global sex came to a close, after expanding for the first time in the decade of last year.

The institution calculates that it will take 108 years to close the gender gap across politics, work, health and education, but 202 years to close the gender gap in the workplace.

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December 17, 2018 / 4:13 pm | Story:

Liberals will announce the draft text of their promised air passenger rights bill by Saturday, launching a 60-day public consultation for any final changes. Here are six things to know about the regulations.

  • For larger airlines, compensation for delays and cancellations is based on the amount of hours you arrive at your destination – as long as the reasons for the delays are in the control of the airline and that are not related to security issues. All figures, after completion, will increase with inflation.

For three to six hours, compensation is $ 400. Between six and nine hours, $ 700. And over nine hours is $ 1,000.

Compensation rules are different for smaller or low-priced airlines, especially for North serving airlines. Passengers can receive $ 150 for a delay of three to six hours. The payments go to $ 250 for a delay of six to nine hours, and $ 500 for an additional nine-hour delay.

  • If you refuse to bus, similar slip scale applies. If you are prevented from flying and the subsequent delays will reach six hours, you can receive $ 900. Delays between six and nine hours equal to a $ 1,800 payment. And over nine hours is $ 2,400. But unlike delays or cancellations, an airline would have to pay in cash, for example, at the location and place.
  • Bag has lost or damaged? The Liberals want airlines to pay up to $ 2,100 in compensation – rules that have already been incorporated into an international travel convention. The proposed regulations would also require airlines to repay any baggage fees.
  • The regulations would require airlines to provide food, water, air conditioning and use of bathrooms during tarmac delays, but travelers do not need to unload passengers until they delay at 3 hours – or 90 minutes more than a recommended Senate committee. However, the three-hour limit can have one 45 minute extension if the flight is likely to be eliminated during that period.
  • Passengers will also be required to seat children near their parents, eliminating the need for parents to pay an additional seat selection fee. The rules give some airlines a leeway based on airlines. Children under five must sit next to their parents. Children of five to 11 must be in the same row, separated by no more than one seat. Children 12 and 13 can not be separated by more than one row.
  • Failure could cost airlines to up to $ 25,000 in fines. If, for example, airlines do not communicate quickly and simply what happens with your flight, or do not recycle them on a journey promptly, they will be punish

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