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Qualcomm – Apple mess on the doorstep solution, a chipmaker who's eager to work with the Cupertino giant

There are many legal disputes and struggles that happen between Qualcomm and Apple after an event took place last October. Since then, the giants have boycotted each other and Apple has stopped the use of their iPhone's modem. Recently, Apple launched new iPhone models with chips made together with Intel, they only have a Qualification. According to the statistics, 50 separate cases remain in 16 different authorities over six countries.

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Well, among tensions, Qualcomm has given good news to start new co-operation with Apple again. In a television show at CNBC, CEO of Qualcomm, Mollenkopf has said that the company is "on the doorstep" of resolving the disputes with Apple. In the same show talking to Cramer, Mollenkopf added that they were still "talking as companies" despite the tensions.

In the past, Qualcomm Chief Executive approved those golden words of a settlement with Apple – like this year or the beginning of next year. In real words, Mollenkopf said, "We've always talked about it – I have been very consistent – that … the second half of this year and next year is when we are really on the doorstep to find a decision and not we see nothing different than that. "

Withdrawal of the earlier reports of a settlement between the two companies, the new statement has given birth to new expectations. Instead of a long trial, they seem to have found a way between them and have worked together with no significant loss.

When taking 5G technology, the Chief Executive said that "so much" would like to work with Apple. "Official words go as follows, "I believe that there is always an opportunity and a risk when you get this big G transformations, or the generations of wireless change, " he told Cramer. "This is the chance to be left behind or to make sure that you are part of that new generation. Of course we're working with everyone. We would love it works with Apple. "

Overall, this is good news for both companies, because they seem to have resolved the conflict without going further for legal battles that would have costed more time wasting.

We expect Gymcomm to integrate their 5G compatible modem in the iPhone models that will come in 2020, as there is no time available for iPhone 2019 models.

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