Tuesday , October 4 2022

Published in 2013 Later, really deferred, Xbox One And PC "Down" ends expires


Below, the hard game of Capybara Games, finally – yes, in fact this time – comes out. The indie title of Xbox One and PC will be launched on December 14, which confirmed today's studio.

It was a very long way to release, as Capybara originally published below all the way back in 2013. In 2016, Capybara had delayed the game indefinitely. Speaking to GI.biz, Head of Capybara, Nathan Vella, said she was probably a bit to publish Low as early.

"Certainly we will not publish things too early [in future], that's sure, "he said." That's the Number 1 learning. We know a lot more about when games are just about to talk about. During the five years since we have published, we've learned a lot and that's a great deal of experience. "

Below is a rougelike caterpillar where players wash the shore on a mysterious island, and the only place to go into a cave. Then you're ruined deeper and deeper in the mystery "below."

You can watch the launch trailer for Below above. In addition, you can check nine minutes of gameplay at the top of page incorporation.

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