Wednesday , May 25 2022

PUBG's salon PUBG map could be dropped, with PUBG PS4


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PUBG will soon get the Vikendi map released at some time in Q1 2018.

Battlecount PlayerUnknown (PUBG) sports the popular battle battle game will soon get the Vikendi snow map. Earlier, it is said that the map will be released sometime at C1 2018. Now the YouTube channel is in the name Allthenewsisgoodnews, has digitized and reproduced the map digitally that shows how it will look. The map has been uploaded to the server, which means that Tencent Games could do it soon.

The regeneration map shows that the game will contain a large cosmodrom with a rocket, order center, satellites and towers. The map is currently missing on any leaves and it may not be completely correct as microfeatures have been added to the map after it is made online.

Sony has recently started orders before the game in the PS Store. The list included passing the Vikendi event, which is expected to go live for consumers in 2019. Given the discharge, Tencent Games may probably release the map alongside PUBG PS4 on December 7.

Recently, the Tencent Games released a PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 update on iOS and Android. Along with latest information, the company has also started on Season 4 of the game replacing the progress and submitting new additions. The update adds a new game method, vehicle, tool, scarce costumes, hair styles and much more.

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PUBG is an online fight online fight where a total of 100 players on fighting land and with the help of their collection skills and survival contradictions disappear and kill them to win. To make the gameplay more interesting and fun, the safe zone circle where players stay safe and do not suffer any damage remains smaller. To win the theoretical chicken lunch players need to try to become a final man. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Mobile platforms.

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