Sunday , October 2 2022

Promotion & Cake Cheese Ticket Free in the United States – RT USA News


Restaurant workers had to tie to call the police after promotion for the introduction of free cheese cakes that led to disorder in the streets of Virginia.

Amazing turmoil, frustrated traffic and police conflicts this Wednesday let the world know what motivation Americans need to end and fight finally: a free cheese cake. This was just the beginning of shame that came to Arlington County this week, after the Cheese Cake Market revealed the silly bitter about the Virgin's very sweet sweetheart.

Although CheeseCake Factory's busy baking can not be questioned, it was rapidly apparent that suburban restaurant stuff could use some work on its logistics game. The 40th anniversary of the company offered 40,000 free cheese cheese sheets and a free presentation to customers who ordered through DoorDash, a food supply app. The huge cover of orders led to the restaurant to be transported with hopeless delivery drivers assembled to meet the county demand for dessert.

Officials are called on the scene when overcrowded lines and double parking spaces start plotting the surrounding area. A police spokesman told the local media that one person had arrested even after he refused to follow police orders to leave the restaurant that led to defects with the officers. The man was hospitalized with minor injuries, and, after discharging, he will face disorderly behavior allegations.

He is even more cheat and the promotion is not limited to Arlington, but he's going to take place in locations throughout the country. If the troubled on Thursday was not enough, the agreement will continue to redefine the term "fighting food" for a whole week.

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