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Prince Harry Sentebale commemorates World AIDS Day

Gan Meaghan Wray

Prince Harry Young people are at the heart of so many initiatives,
and the forthcoming Sentebale campaign is previously installed and a center again for a
very important case. On World AIDS Day (December 1), Let's Youth Youth
Advocates take radio stations in Botswana to talk openly about the

The initiative hopes to inspire this generation to fight
against the virus, and they will do so through a campaign of the "Radio" name
Positive "- five hours of young people talk about an African epidemic a
calls for co-youth to join the organization. With the help of Sentebale a
The passion of Harry wants to advocate on behalf of young voices, the participants will be
Get the chance to talk openly about HIV / AIDS and stop stigma a
discrimination in the country.

But surely this is not the first time for the prince, 34, to work for him
Move efforts to revoke talks around the continent's health
epidemic. Back in 2016, the dad-to-be was the face of the Sentebale campaign
#FeelNoShame, where he encouraged people to be open about their battles. In
and the video, he said: "To show us
support for Lesotho children [where Sentebale works] and help reduce #
stigma for all those affected by HIV, we turn the World AIDS Day into
a day where no-one should feel any disgrace for their secrets. Together we can
tackle HIV-related stigma and give the young people to carry
their childhood they deserve. Childhood so many of us assumes. "

Prince Harry
which was established by Lesodho Prince Seeiso of the organization in 2006 to help ensure
that the most vulnerable children in the country are supported to go ahead and
lead healthy lives. For over a decade, Princess Diana's son has been much committed
from life to highlight an urgent issue of extreme poverty and i
HIV / AIDS victims – a case that was also close to the heart of his mother. It was first inspired to give
her earnings to the case after her gap year in Lesotho in 2004, and she has
since having a public HIV test with Rihanna in Barbados on World AIDS Day in Aberystwyth
2016 and again to mark HIV testing week in 2018.

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