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Pickup Review: 2019 Ford Ranger



The keeper returns to the smaller truck market


Controlled size, strong machine


Limited options can be a price with options


Add diales for temperature control


SuperCrew XLT

Finally, less come back in style. Collecting trucks have taken "full size" to a whole new level of ridiculous shares, to the point that it is difficult to get in and out of it, or even squeeze into parking spaces.

Lesser trucks are now quite near the full size trucks used. That should make them appeal to many buyers who do not need extra capacity – not the majority – half a ton, but still want something with a non-SUV load capacity. The Japanese never left this part, but North American automakers are coming back, with Ford's new Ranger an up-to-date addition.

Naturally, it's more than the old Keeper, who ended up running here after the model of the year 2012 model. Ford's small truck stayed in a production in global markets, and our second new is a version of the Australian Keeper, but with different methods of suspension, full-frame frame, and different machine and transmission.

The power of that power, the only one currently available, is four turbocharged 2.3L cylinder, which has been borrowed by the EcoBoost Mustang and makes 270 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. or torque. It is fast and fast, fast automatic, built from the F-150.

It's started as the SuperCab, with a six-footed, four-seat box, and small back-back doors, which ask you to open the front ones first. The SuperCrew has a five-foot, five-seat box, and four opening doors conventionally. American buyers can choose to drive two wheels, but all of the Keepers here in Canada are 4 × 4.

They come both in two trim levels: the SuperCab XL at $ 30,969 and XLT at $ 35,539; the SuperCrew starts at XLT trim at $ 37,399 and my trustee was the highest line Lariat at $ 42,289.

There were a lot of options for me, such as a $ 3,000 technology package that included a spectacular Stereo Bang & Olufsen system – truck is no longer a honeycomb – which brought him € 49,409 before transporting freight and taxes. That's often a sticking point in these smaller trucks: tick a few option boxes and you can overlap the full size, especially as the F-150, is 4 × 2 Regular Cab, starts just $ 830 over the basic Rangers. Basically, you're paying more proportionate for a smaller truck. Think about it as spending to get the size that is best for you, rather than creating more for a smaller mass of metal (which is not completely aluminum as a F-150 body; but the remainder is steel) .

The charge load ends at 1,650 lbs for the SuperCab, and 1,560 for the SuperCrew. All Ranger models have the highest deduction capacity of 7,500 lbs, Ford says of the highest quality, but there are a few cows splitting – that's the top-of-the- pops for gasoline electricity. The Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon can draw up to 7,700 lbs when the 2.8L diesel engine option is sliding under the hood.

Beyond the more transferable size, the Ranger is a comfortable driver. The steering is lightweight and responsive, with a tight rotating ring striking; and while the trip can be noisy over bumps, it must be expected in a discharged collection. The 4×4 system is part-time and only makes free surfaces – it can drive four-wheeled on dry roads to cause wearing tires and driving lines. My truck was chosen with an Offline FX4 Package, at $ 1,400, which adds objects of electronic locks, land tires, and skid plates. Landscape Management, operated by a button on the console, optimizes performance in mud, snow, sand and other conditions.

The Keeper's cabin design is great and incredible. It's not a lap-of-luxury when you go in, say, King F-150, and in mid Wales is fine, although it's a bit harder to reconcile so much hard plastic with rough 50- great sticker There are large volumes for stereo and tunneling volume – bonus points for that – but the controls for the automatic climate control of my car's dual zone are small buttons, which are set low in the middle stack, with small fitted tickets to adjust the temperature. The infotainment system is powered by SYNC Ford, and although the system is easy to use, the screen can slowly respond to a response when the glass is cold.

Lariat includes such niceties such as heating leather seats, auto-dimming mirror, satellite radio, line assistant, and a blind monitoring system that considers length of trailer for changes easier in traffic. However, a steering wheel has not been able to heat up, even as an option. It may sound unusual but it's become a common feature on trucks, and it's adds very nice if you've been loading a truck or raises your trailer in the cold.

The front seats are very supportive and comfortable, and they are an eight-way power with lumbar support on the Lariat. The SuperCrew is naturally more for second-row travelers than the SuperClub. The rear bubble rises to reveal some hidden storage space below.

Last year, Canadians bought just over 38,000 medium truths, while Ford only moved more than 145,000 full size. But there's a segment that I have set aside for growth, and I think that the Keeper will do well for him here. Sometimes fewer is actually bigger.

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