Monday , October 3 2022

Phillies, Mariners "In Serious Talks" For Jean Segura Trade


11:16 p.m.: Segura "and possibly one other player" goes to Phillies in return for a trade package including Santana and Crawford, Ryan Divi Seattle Times & # 39; reports. It is not yet clear if Segura disposes of his trade mark, although Divish Segura figures will want to leave the rebuilding of Mariners. Nez Balelo, Segura agent, says Heyman this is not an unfortunate conclusion that its client will stop the clause of no trade. "If a bargain makes sense to Jean then it will consider and many variables are considered to exclude its full trade or move forward, "Said Ballet.

10:40 p.m.: Segura is expected to dispose of his trade nozzle to provide for the deal, reports Jon Paul Morosi (Twitter link).

9:59 p.m.: Both teams have agreed to the "in principle" trade "Today's Today Today USA tweets. The agreement will be announced on Monday, and Crawford will be part of the return to Seattle. It was guessed that Carlos Santana be sent to the M to balance the money associated with the deal, so that Jon Heyman Fancred, although the "Mariners could be able to resist that." The inclusion of Santana would add a completely new attitude to this trade, as the first baseman is due at $ 35MM over the next two years. He took the Mariners Jay Bruce a Anthony Swarzak back from the Mets to help offset Cano's salary, however.

9:10 p.m.: The Phillies and Mariners are "serious conversations" about a trade that would send a short field Jean Segura to Philadelphia, the Ken Rosenthal Athletics reports (Twitter link). Segura would have to abolish its non-trade clause to allow the move. Rosenthal writes that the M "has" [their] the next deal had to fill "after the trade Robinson Cano a Edwin Diaz becomes official, and since that agreement is completed by Monday, it suggests a possible timeline regarding any possible movement of Segura. Yesterday, Rosenthal said that Seattle was interested in everything Phillies's best J.P. Crawford as a possible piece of return of Segura.

First Segura was contacted with the Phillies last week, and has always been a popular figure in trade rumors since Mariners have moved into a payroll cutting method. The Yankees also had some interest in Segura, while the Padres and Mariners had discussed the potential of a barrier that would have sent Segura and Mike Leake to San Diego in exchange for Wil Myers. With the slash line .308 / .353 / .449 and 41 horses over the last three terms, it is not surprising that Segura creates such an interest. It does not turn 29 to March, and will be controlled by the 2022 season on a contract that will pay $ 58MM over those four terms (including the purchase of $ 1MM of the $ 17MM club option 2023).

Shortstop was a major problem for the Phillies last season, as Crawford has not shown a lot of limited and highly useful MLB actions Scott Kingery He did not produce the situation in his first major league season. Manny Machado has been guessed widespread to be the highest target for the Phillies this winter, though Segura's trade, Machado would be followed as a third baseman while Segura had treated the short field.

Imaging Segura would be the latest movement in amazing listings renewal organized by Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto, who has already traded James Paxton, The Mike Zunino, The Alex Colome, and (all but officially) Cano and Diaz in less than four weeks of time. Leake a Kyle Seager are being produced as Dipoto intends to move as many long-term commitments as possible to replacing the M for returning to the debate in 2020 or 2021. This deal has already given many young talents to & Mariners to help their tithe farm system, and even more could be on the way by dealing with Segura, or if Dipoto is considering moving a more control talent like Mitch Haniger or Marco Gonzales. Crawford, for example, has been the top consensus of 16 in the sport (according to Baseball America and Baseball America) in each of the last three terms, although its relative lack of success at Triple-A level has scared its stock a bit.

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