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PCs claim to have a cam & # 39; Liberal in the land deal agreement with company numbers

The Rising Conservative Leader, Ches Crosbie, calls for the principal to investigate one of his ministers, over the comments made by Steve Crocker in the legislature of the sale of Crown land for a number company.

"If I was a prime minister, I would have a big concern for a minister in my community who is either misleading the House or is absolutely ineligible," said Crosbie in a news release.

Crocker has denied all mistakes.

During the last month's question period, the Tories asked an Opposition to Crocker for dealing with a company with a company with an interest in purchasing Crown land near the Gushue Highway Team a year ago.

It's one of the largest pieces of Crown land in the city.

In a heating exchanges on 14 November, Crocker said to the legislature "there was no direction to sell this land," and said he had never gone beyond a 10-minute talk between engineers.

Watch the video below to see the Exchange in the Assembly House

Crocker tells the House of Assembly that there was no order to sell land. 0:46

But the Tories released emails obtained by accessing information they say contrary to those comments.

The Transport and Work officer wrote in an internal email November 2017 "I have been ordered to sell it to 80521 N.L. Ltd by Wednesday."

The same company came to an end to buy land in the White Hills area, St. John's, where Canopy Growth builds a government-supported cannabis production facility.

Speaking to correspondents on Thursday, Crocker said he did not do it or the main land order order. He said that a manager in the department might tell the official to prepare the land for sale and start the process.

Transport and Work Minister Steve Crocker talks to media on Thursday at the Confederation Building in St John's. (CBC)

"I was not wrong here. I do not believe anyone in my department has done anything from their place."

However, Crocker recognized that the urgency of the transaction did not make sense to him.

Evidence of a plan, says PC leader

Crosbie believes that the e-mail is a smoke gun.

"We now have documentary evidence that a step plan is about to go to the fat of the Liberation runners," he said during the media conversation on Thursday.

The e-mail does not specify the person who gave an order.

Crown land sales did not happen – Crosbie said he was stopped by public officials who raised concerns about the lack of a public tendering process.

E-mails show that the government worker says they have ordered them to sell a stock of land near Mews Place to the same company with a number related to the Canopy Twf agreement. (WBQ Graphics)

The emails do not show a clear reason why the deal did not go ahead, but it showed that there were problems with drainage. Crocker said the deal was stopped because of engineering issues.

In the meantime, the Canopi Twf transaction has argued in the Assembly House.

"Anyone who sees these documents should have no doubt about the need to call the general auditor into investigating the dealings of the Ball government with the Canopy Growth and the numbering company," he said. Crosbie is in the statement.

"Everything about this is stinks."

Crocker is expected to talk to correspondents on Thursday.

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