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Ontario pre-police police names Ron Taverner as the main OPP


Premier Premier Doug Ford, to the left, with the Toronto Police Supervisor. Ron Taverner in the 2016 gala Foundation Foundation.


Premier Doug Ford's Premier League cabinet has tapped a police veteran of the Toronto Empire empire from the Ford Etobicoke family power center in the western end of the city to lead the country's countryside police.

The government announced Thursday that the New Provincial Police Commissioner of Super Toronto Police, Super Toronto Police, will be the new Provincial Police Commissioner in Ontario, putting it on top of a huge force whose main job has been empty since the beginning of the month this.

Secondly in Canada only to the RCMP size, the OPP has spread over 8,000 employees across more than 150 holdings. Its officers patrol large small communities and highways, and also run specialist units that are dedicated to tackling organized crime and anti-rack enforcement.

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Former head of police, Vince Hawkes, retired after a four year term early this month. Superintendent. Taverner, who will raise a number of areas, joined the Toronto Police Service as a graduate of a secondary school in 1967. Inspector. Taverner did not respond to requests for comments.

In the early 2000s, he was set as a department manager of section 23 Toronto. He still retains this role, although he now orders most of the piles that incorporate Etobicoke's old city.

This is the only comprehensive borough where Rob and Doug Ford came to prominence as city councilors, gaining popularity with promises that only legal and command solutions could clean up the city.

The brothers gave power in 2000s and 2010 a common cause with them with the Superintendent. Taverner, who by this time had finished in a chronic battle with guns and gangs in 23 Departments.

Alok Mukherjee, former chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board, said the Superintendent. The Taverner links in the past to the Fords, it will have to maintain independence in its new role. "Ron [Taverner] has been very close to the Ford family, "he said in an interview." He and the Premier have had a close relationship. "

Mr Mukherjee noted that past political tests had led to criminal costs against figures associated with the former Liberal government – including the university's main staff sentenced to four months in prison earlier this year.

He said that keeping appropriate distance will now be an essential challenge. "Let me put it in this way: The role of the OPP Commissioner is very central in the conduct of an independent police … The matter will not have to be very careful about anything [political] address. "

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Also, on Thursday, the former OPP commissioner questioned whether a Toronto-long-time officer had enough experience to be a provincial power leader of this type.

CPG, a career OPP officer who led the provincial force between 2010 and 2014, told CP24 that the police had orders more than Divisional Divisions. Taverner Orders.

While the Supervisor said. Taverner was "very experienced," said the appointment was "real kick for the OPP and senior officers there who know this province, know this organization."

Mr Ford has promised to make policing a key issue. During the summer, one of the first actions as Premier was calling on the leaders of the unions and police to tell them that he would defer implementation of the police liability act passed by the previous government. In August, the government announced $ 25 million in new funding to strive for the police's efforts to fight guns and gangs.

In a statement late Thursday, the Superintendent's government said. Taverner was selected "based on a unanimous selection committee recommendation" including civil servants and an active search company.

"There is a relationship builder," said Community Safety Minister Sylvia Jones, in a statement. "And I'm sure it will have a positive impact on policing across Ontario."

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Superintendent. Taverner assumes the post on December 17.

His appointment is the second high-level appointment by the Toronto Police Service since the Tories participated.

In October, Mario di Tommaso, a former superintendent of staff in western Toronto, was chosen to be a deputy minister presiding a policing wing and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correct Services, a portfolio that included helping to run the OPP. At the time, the Superintendent. Taverner approved the move to hire Mr. di Tommaso.

Mr Mukherjee, former police chairman of Toronto police, Inspector's credit. Taverner wants to be a police force with a lot of energy. But he also said he will sing to him from the city area to run such a large force. "Most superintendents move every five years, but Ron has always been in place," said Mr. Mukherjee.

Earlier this week, the Superintendent. Taverner was publicly publicized for the value of half a century of "community builder" work by the Toronto charity.

"Currently in his 51st year with the Toronto Police Service, Superintendent Ron Taverner has won the respect and trust of the public and other officials over his five decades of service," read a statement from Jake's House, group which helps children with autism.

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