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Olympic decision time for the Calgarians in 2026 plebiscite


CALGARY – Calgarians will make important choices on behalf of their country and country when they step into the Tuesday ballot box.

In answering the question whether or not they are about to hold the 2026 Winter and Paralympic Games, they also answer the questions that you trust, what do you believe in, what are you & # 39 ; n fear him and where do you see your city in eight years?

The huge financial and logistical undertakings of running Winter Games ask the hard questions of the host city.

Calgary is the heart of wintering in Canada. The 1988 Winter Olympics put it there at a different stage.

Tuesday's notice will reflect at least to some extent if there is appetite for its refurbishment, or is it guaranteed to keep it pumping as it has as long as possible.

Calgary's legacy is considered to be among the most successful in the history of the Olympics as most locations are still being used by high performance performers in twelve years later.

Canada is a sporting power in the winter, winning 29 Olympic and 28 Paralympic medals in the most recent Winter Games in South Korea.

Many of those medals train and compete on the sliding slopes and skiing at WinSport, the ice on the oval speed trails and the Nordic centers in Canmore, Alta.

Under the new Olympic Committee "reduce, reuse and recycle" to attract future host cities, Calgary is in line with the bill as 80% of the required locations have already & # 39; u hadeiladu.

But do Calgarians believe they can again offer a stylish experience and all the boats and do they even want?

"Just like Calgary wrote an examination in 1988 and people suggest today they want to write it again and get a lower mark," said John Furlong, who led to the proposal and organized the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler, BC

The result of the pleascript is not binding, but the result could give a city council address that has strongly fired with the risks of approving this mega project project that is worth billions of dollars.

"This chat for all the Olympic Games that takes place worldwide is very difficult at the municipal level because we do not have the benefit of the majority government, with a prime minister or principal councilor and cabinet can make those decisions unilaterally because they are a majority government, "Cllr. Evan Woolley referred to the chambers and councils.

"It's been a part of many of us. I have never been part of something so complicated."

Mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, supports an application, calling it a good deal to the city.

A key difference between the Calgary bid for 1988 and potential potential for 2026 is the first drive by local businesses who asked a little public purse at the application stage.

The streamline to build a 2026 bid and budget, and time for the Calgarians to spend and trust both, have felt short.

Chairman of the bid corporation board Scott Hutcheson, commercial real estate entrepreneur and former national team skier, was appointed five months ago.

Chief Executive Mary Moran, formerly at Calgary Economic Development, was hired less than four months ago.

An analysis of the cost sharing agreement between the federal, provincial and urban governments had not been made clear to the public until October 31, after a plea vote has already been submitted by the postal vote -mewn.

Almost 55,000 Calgarians have voted in advance votes and post-votes.

Calgary 2026 bid and corporation is "promoting responsible claim."

Along with Calgary 2026 yes, the bidco has increased its campaign in recent days with social media messages and events and town halls in the city.

The lack of the same financial resources as Calgary 2026, the No Calgary Olympics flooded assaulting social media and rejects the economic impact of $ 4.4 billion identified by 2026 proposals.

Although $ 1.1 billion in reserves have included in the draft maintenance plan, no government order has risen, such as B.C. made by the government for 2010, to be a guarantor against debt.

At the estimate of a $ 5.1 billion price, the public investment requires $ 2.875 billion, down from $ 3 billion initial.

The revenue of games – tickets, goods, television rights – and corporate sponsorship pays for the rest.

The government of Alberta's commitment is $ 700 million, while the Canadian government is $ 1.45 billion.

The city is asked for $ 370 million in cash, plus a further $ 20 million for the $ 200 million insurance policy that is part of the reserve.

In order to get match funding from the federal government, the city with the $ 150 million already committed to improving the south east area of ​​the Downtown that would be the Games center would be credited .

The two new sports venues offered are a multi-purpose indoor fieldhouse, which has been at the top of the city's recreational wish list for over a decade, and a 5,000 seating ice hare.

There is no new NHL field or stadium in the Calgary 2026 scheme.

Upgrades to the Saddledome and McMahon Stadium, although there are objects between the city and the Flames Calgary to re-start discussions on a new arena.

Skiing and Nordic jumping to combine in Whistler, B.C., in the 2010 location is a cost savings measure, but not partly popular due to the test relationship between Alberta and B.C. over pipeline construction.

Edmonton was once again considered for the rotational location, but Moran said that's no longer the case and Calgary 2026 now looks at four options in southern Alberta.

The estimated bill of security at $ 495 million appears to be low compared to $ 900 million of the 2010 Games, but Calgary has no seaman harbor protection.

Yes B.C. the government accelerated the construction of a downtown Vancouver airport to the airport and the waterfront convention center, as well as improving the highway to Whistler, in time for Games 2010.

The sporting infrastructure legacy of which Calgary was not moderate would be Calgary 2026 offer. The athletes' village and other accommodation built for the games would provide 1,800 units for market and affordable housing.

The IOC receives 2026 application books in early January. Stockholm and a joint Italian competition were invited to include Milan and Cortina to be a Calgary competition if they were going to race in 2026.

The city's election is a host in June.

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