Monday , January 25 2021

Officially respawn confirms Apex Legends; I'll be disclosed on Monday at 8AM PT DSOGamio

A new Respawn has confirmed through its official Twitter account that its stunning game, Apex Legends, is genuine and will be officially revealed on Monday at 8AM PT. The team aims to disclose the game through a stream, so expect a lot of gameplay videos (as well as official first details).

From what we know to date, Apex Legends will be a free game to play the Titanfall Hero Royale Game which will include classes / heroes with unique abilities, a maximum of 60 players per server , and will offer 3v3 games. Apex Legends will run on a version adapted from a Source Valve engine and as its description suggests, no Titanians will control.

Naturally, given its free nature to play, the game will bring micro-transactions and lootboxes for cosmetic items. These microtransactions will be similar to those shown in Overwatch so hopefully this will not turn in to win a game to win a game.

EA and Respawn have already left some Apex Legends play streams and have been positively impressed by them. But anyway, we'll have more to share later today when the stream goes live so keep more information!

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