Sunday , August 14 2022

Now, 10 cases of measles have been diagnosed in B.C. cases, vaccinations up


VANCOUVER – Two new cases of measles have been diagnosed in the Vancouver area for a total of 10 illnesses as health officials say they are concerned that they can not find the source of one of the infections.

Vancouver Coastal medical health officer Dr. Althea Hayden says that nine cases have been clearly linked to schools that were in the middle of the original cases this month, but they do not know where the other person has contracted disease.

The health authority has also released a list of locations where one of the infected people traveled over three days from February 15 to February 18, including restaurants, on Line Line commuting and Langara College.

Hayden says that the health authority is doing its best to find the measles source in the 10th person in an effort to prevent more people from being exposed.

Measles present symptoms such as flu, cough, red nose and red eyes, but then a fever develops, and then the notable rash.

Hayden says that the response to a call for people to get vaccinated has been great and the health authority has seen a large number of first vaccinations.

"This is the best thing people can do to protect themselves, that is the best thing we can all do to protect our community."

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