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NFL Weekend Guide 15 – score predictions, play scenarios

We anticipate the NFL Slate Week 15 with scoring predictions for each game by our Nation reporters, what is at stake for the play play and the possible draft order by Kevin Seifert, Football from ESPN Stats & Information and much more.

Football Thursday: Chargers 29, Headteachers 28

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Point dissemination: HOU -6 | Match quality: 26.8 (or 100)

Choose Sarah Barshop: Even after the Texans go briefly against Colts in Week 14 and failing to continue with a streak to win nine games, it is hard to get against this week. Houston is backing up that it has been struggling against Indianapolis, but Texans should be able to return to the success achieved during the streak against this 27th running defense, which allows an average of 132 yards rubbed by game. Texans 24, Jets 13

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Choose Rich Comics: There is no compelling reason to choose the Jedi. They are 0-4 against teams who recorded the game with a winning record, the worst in the league. They have lost those games on average 15 points. Rookie QB Sam Darnold will not have his leading obstacle (Isaiah Crowell) and a leading receiver (Quincy Enunwa), which means an abundance of three assassinations against J.J. Watt & Co Texans 31, Jets 13

What's at stake: The Texans can cook the South AFC with prizes and losses from the Colts and Titans. Lacking that, there are eight scenarios where the Tecsans can achieve at least a play berth. The simplest: win, and losses either by the Dolphins or Crews. Winning from the Jets could be dropped out of the top five of the 2019. draft order (Currently FPI is in their projects in No. 4.) – Seifert

FPI win projection: HOU, 69.2 percent. Houston is a great favorite on the way to take a step towards the post-time period, it is projected to earn 69 per cent of the time from FPI. One major reason is that the Texans are second in the NFL in protective efficiency this season, while the Jets are second in worst in offensive efficiency.

If you lost it: Cousins ​​or Darnold? The best was $ 90 million of Jets ever spent … Devices turn to TEs and even QB with WT slot filled … Dissecting the most incredible playoff drought in the history of Jets … Watson: # 39; The coming weather affects my game & # 39;

Point dissemination: DEN -3 | Match quality: 41.1 (or 100)

Choose Pat McManamon: The key to dealing with Denver is to stop Von Miller's Bradly Chubb and defensive. They have combined for 25.5 sacks. However, the awful Browns line has given only one sack in the last three games, partly because Baker Mayfield is so great in feeling and avoids the rush. Mayfield plays at such a high level that she is hard to go against. Browns 27, Broncos 20

Choose Jeff Legwold: The Broncos have had their share of battles this season, but they have been a different team at home. This one is true of their thinking and the amount of occupational fuel they have left in the tank after losing the 49ers last weekend. They have play-play hopes, but playing without corner Chris Harris Jr against Mayfield will be a huge challenge. If Chubb and Miller finish with at least four combined sacks in this one, however, things will have gone the Broncos road. The Browns have not won in Denver since 1990. Broncos 27, Browns 21



Darren Woodson chooses the Browns and Tedy Bruschi take the Broncos in week 15.

What's at stake: Incredible, from the beginning of their season, the Browns have not yet been deleted from the sense of playoff. But they have five teams to leaprog if it happens. The Broncos have four "only". – Seifert

FPI win projection: DEN, 77.1 percent. The Browns have been a five-year-off offense, according to FPI, since the change of coaches after Week 8. But they face a difficult test this week against the second-time Broncos team as an opponent Total QBR this term (52.5).

If you lost it: Broncos was absolutely right about Mayfield … Broncos wants more Keenum … Garrett believes that his excellent season can be better … What is possible to Baker Mayfield over the last three games


Point dissemination: CHI -6 | Match quality: 68.1 (or 100)

Pick Rob Demovsky: As renewed as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' crime last week after the training change, there is one question that does not seem to be a positive answer to them: How are they going to block Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks and The rest of the world the pastors passed the Bears? That is even a challenge with a healthy aggressive line. But to unfortunately Bryan Bulaga disrupted a knee injury, Byron Bell went on IR last week and Guard left that she did not play in the week 14 . Bears 20, Package 16

2 associated

Pick Jeff Dickerson: Green Bay is too small on its offensive line to stop the Bears. Chicago's assault is No. 1 in the league in destinations (34), interventions (25) and points off turning (107). Many of these result from pressures seven. Rodgers is one of the largest quarters that has ever lived, but unless someone blocks Mack, the Bears are ready to start their first play club since 2010. Bears 24, Pack 18

What's at stake: The NFC North knee bears can be wounded or defeated by Vikings. It is possible that the Aggregate Pack could be deleted after a period of rest based on a series of other results. – Seifert

FPI win projection: YOU, 62.7 percent. After a striking performance against the Rams, the Bears have a protective efficiency of 79.1 this season (on a scale 0-to-100), the best in the league. We have only three teams in our data set (since 2006) that have posted higher defensive efficiency in term: Cravens 2006 and 2008, and Jaguars 2017.

If you lost it: Bears-Packers, Part II: What's changed, lies on to competitors … There is an opportunity to get rid of backbacks against Packers … Do not you want to search for packages?

Point dissemination: IND -3 | Match quality: 62.8 (or 100)

Todd Archer Quiz: The Cowboys will have to affect Andrew Luck. In his past nine games, he was eliminated seven times. In comparison, Dak Prescott has been dismissed 34 times in the same span. Cowboys' fight, led by DeMarcus Lawrence, has recorded at least one sack in each game this season and has given 12 in the five-game winning streak. The Colts have won six of his seven games in the past but the same loss came when Luck went on a trip three times by Jacksonville in Week 13. Cowboys 23, Colts 13

Choosing Mike Wells: The Colts face a team on a significant winning streak for the second straight week. They've finished streak Houston nine last game last weekend. Now they go up against the five-consecutive winning team of Dallas. The Cowboys are bringing the fourth place of defense to Indianapolis to face the eighth league of the best league. The Colts have won six of his seven games in the past, with three of those victories against teams that the defense was ranked in the top 10 at the time. It would not be surprising if this game went back and forth for four quarters. Cowboys 34, Colts 30



Steve Young explains why he believes that Colts stops Ezekiel Elliot, Andrew Luck has the opportunity to lead the Colts to victory.

What's at stake: Cowboys can collect East NFC with rewards, or losses from Eagles and Red Red. The Colts need a victory to continue to relieve if the Ravens or Steelers fall over the last three games, an event that would open the second AFC wildcard. – Seifert

FPI win projection: IND, 60.1 percent. During the Cowboys win-win streak, they run seventh in offensive efficiency (68.8) and fourth in protective efficiency (63.4), according to FPI. The Colts have also been a good defense in that span, standing eighth in protective efficiency (59.7) and first as an opponent Total QBR (41.4).

If you lost it: By the numbers, Cooper's trade measures up … Eberflus's decision pays great for defense … Five plays that have kept the Cowboys win streak afloat … Crawford, Lawrence has a family bond … Luck's faith is in his receivers despite the drops tightening the bond

Point dissemination: BAL -8 | Match quality: 48.9 (or 100)

Pick Jenna Laine: The Bucs offense was only punctured to 14 points and was closed in the second half against the Saint last week. The Saints left their explosive playmaking down. They are hard to see doing more against the protection of Don Martindale, a well-known group for its pushing up pressure, especially with battles Bay Bay's offensive line and lack of game in the Bucks. Also, even with the improvements seen on defense under Mark Duffner for Week 7, the Bucs still give more passports on the road than any other team in the league. Branches 27, Buccaneers 17

ESPN Chalk have you dealt with all the things NFL Week 15 betting needs:

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Choosing Jamison Hensley: The Ravens has all the incentives in this game, knowing knowing they will allow them to keep seeds No. 6 in the AFC and possibly move them to the first place in the section. The Buccaneers have lost five consecutive road games, giving the best an average of 39.8 points. It was set up for Lamar Jackson to be his best season of season. Branches 31, Buccaneers 10

What's at stake: The Ravens is trying to catch three other 7-6 teams for the final AFC wildcard spot, but they can also leap the Steelers into the North AFC leader with losing and losing Steelers. At present, the Buccaneers are firm in the top-10 race choice, sitting in Number 8 according to FPI. – Seifert

FPI win projection: BAL, 70.0 percent. Another week, another important Ravens game in terms of their play opportunities. Baltimore is the best possible third-generation swing of any team this week. The Ravens would have an opportunity to make 59 per cent if they earn a 20 per cent chance if they lose.

If you lost it: Is Ravens suddenly the favorites to capture North AFC? … Winston is facing a hard test in the defense of Ravens … Joe Flacco has a tough decision … Bucs will have to set up benefits, in favor of keeping Koetter

Point dissemination: MIN -7 | Match quality: 44.7 (or 100)

Pick Cameron Wolfe: Both include two players leading to opposite directions. It seems that Minnesota, on the heels of losing two straight away, was an abusive assault after firing his offensive co-ordinator, while Miami riding high in the Miami Miracle and streak won two games after compiling his crime around the back. Adam Gase dolphins have a percentage of 76.9 (20-6) in one-score games since 2016, and they keep the magic being very distressed over Minnesota, thanks to the third-best NFL third-stunning defense and big days by Frank Gore and Kenyan Drake. Dolphins 20, Vikings 17



Steve Young talks about the disappointing season of the Vikings and how QB Kirk Cousins ​​deserves most of the fault, but not everyone.

Courtney Cronin Decision: Dolphins are terrible on the road, having lost five games straight away from Miami by 16.4 points on average. Scandinavian protection lights out at the USA Bank Stadium, first stand in yards per game and hold opponents to a 29.7 percent lower exchange rate on the third down. The Minnesota crime will not look a lot different from OC Kevin Stefanski interim, but the motivation within the training staff should give a high sense of urgency. In addition, the Vikings could say that they would have been in weeks, with the expectation that Trae Waynes will play. Vikings 23, Dolphins 10

What's at stake: The Vikings stick to the place and the last place in the NFC wildcard race, hoping that the rest of the timetable can make them easier to relax to the post-time period . The Dolphins need to be won to stay within the spectacular AFC race distance. – Seifert

FPI win projection: MIN, 82.5 percent. The Vikings have the greatest possible second chance in play-play opportunities this week, with 77 percent doing if they win a 36 per cent chance if they lose. Dolphins are not quite swing, but they're still an important game. Miami would have a 27 percent chance in the playoffs with winning and only a 9 per cent chance with loss.

If you lost it: Breast takes ownership & # 39; For Vikings' fighting for a crime … Why Gase should continue no matter how 2018 ends … Vikings turn to OC Stefanski to stop wasting temperature & # 39;

Point dissemination: NYG -2.5 | Match quality: 44.0 (or 100)

Pick Turron Davenport: Titans discovered another half of the pack and play formula needed to win on the road late in the season when Derrick Henry exploded at 238 yards against the Jaguars. The Giants allows 121.8 runner yards each game, so expect Henry to find a place he left. Tennessee's defense stunnes opposing crimes – allowing 19.5 points to each game – to complete the formula. The Titanians are a dangerous team when they are balanced on crime. It will take a monster's effort to include Saquon Barkley, but Titans need this game to stay in the play debate and will arrive on the road. Titans 27, Giants 19

When: April 25-27
Where: Nashville, Tennessee
How to watch: ESPN / ESPN2 / ESPN App

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Pick Jordan Raanan: The next three weeks against three play competitors will be the true test of how far the Giants have come this season. The Titanians have allowed the smallest fourth points in the NFL. Can the Giants do enough on the ugly December day against Tennessee? Not quite. The Giants has 21 average points per home game this season. Titans 23, Giantau 21

What's at stake: Like Colts and Dolphins, the Titanians are hoping to be in a position to jump into a wildcard van if the Ravens or Steelers disappear. The three Giants games in their last four games have been dropped to No. 8 in the projection of the FPI draft position. A win or two could cost them as a top 10 option. – Seifert

FPI win projection: NYG, 58.5 percent. The Giants have been really good over their last four games. They run seventh in deceptive and second efficiency in protective efficiency at that time, according to FPI, and allowed the lowest resistant Total QBR (35.3).

If you lost it: OBJ has appraised the quad, definitely if he plays … Titanians intend to slow down Barkley, OBJ: We need to spin … Henry's piece of dose should be the attitude of December Titans

Point dissemination: ATL -8.5 | Match quality: 41.6 (or 100)

Pick Josh Weinfuss: Sunday's co-operation infringes bad crime Cardinals against the poor defense of Falcons. And while two of the Cardinals' three wins have come on the road, they are still 2-4 away from home. The Cardinals are finally listed in nine incredible categories while the Falcons are listed in the bottom quarter of the league in 11. The best game for the game will be the defense of passing the fourth grade of Arizona against Fourth Passion of Falcons. Falcones 27, Cardinals 14

Pick Vaughn McClure: Many have not gone right for the Falcons during their loss of five current games. However, the worst league (81.2 yards per game) crime was able to rush for 107 yards in last week's crash to the Pack. The Falcons may be able to build on that performance against a 3-10 Cardinals team that allows almost 140 yards to rush per game. Starting up the run should help Matt Ryan and the Falcons hit some play passing down. Falcones 28, Cardinals 17



Darren Woodson and Tedy Bruschi choose the Falcons to beat Cardinals at Week 15.

What's at stake: The Cardinals run for the general option No. 1 in the 2019 draft, so it is not necessarily earning in their best interests. The Falcons are not deleted from the playoffs but, well, that's not far away. – Seifert

FPI win projection: ATL, 89.0 percent. The Falcons are huge domestic favorites, it is projected to win 89 per cent of the time by FPI. That's the biggest favorite that has been in a game in our data set (dating back to the beginning of the 2008 season).

If you lost it: Rosen has played well in the fourth quarter … Can Julio catch Jerry Rice? … What will the Cardinals do with a specific set aside decision? … Falcons will consider keeping Freeman-Coleman together

Point dissemination: JAX -7.5 | Match quality: 25.5 (or 100)

Choosing John Keim: Redskins could win this game easily with Josh Johnson in quarterback, but Johnson is not involved in this. It is about a crime that starts two backup guardians. The line loses assignments in the game consistently, partly because players have to change places frequently. Washington Reed Jordan does not have and maybe he does not have Josh Doctson. Johnson played well in relief last week – her legs provide a positive dimension – but the Redskins would prefer the game to run to click. It has not been recent. That is why the defense had been on the field more than any other team last three weeks. Skins are also less than five in turnover different from the last three games. The Jags win in a shoot. Jaguars 9, Redskins 7

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Choosing Mike DiRocco: The Jaguars face a serious Redskins team that will start a quarterman and until last week have stopped paying NFL since 2011. Jaguars should win the game with little trouble but there is one stat that should Make sure everyone is preparing: one offensive communication in the past two weeks. That's all Managing Cody Kessler since taking over to Blake Bortles. It has been efficient and has not turned the ball over, but the Jaguars have only four dramas of 18 yards or more and have made only four red zone trips in both games. In addition, there is an issue if the defense will appear after last week's embarrassment performance against Tennessee. Even with those issues, the Jaguars should be able to win a victory over a separate team. Jaguars 7, Redskins 6

What's at stake: The Jaguars are being abolished from the postseason and once again fights for a five-five draft choice. Redskins, meanwhile, are close to top-10 choice – the FPI is in their projects in Number 13 – as they are to play space. – Seifert

FPI win projection: JAX, 68.1 percent. Johnson posted 68.9 Total QBR in relief from Mark Sanchez last week, the highest QBR Total by RedBins QB for Week 3 (85.4 by Alex Smith). The contingency plan of the Jaguars in QB has not gone quite so smoothly. In his two starts since taking over to Bortles, Kessler has posted 28.6 Total QBR. Bortles have 49.5 Total QBR this season.

If you lost it: Redskins & Foster are critical of a team, fans on the Instagram relay have dropped … How the Jaguars' first running formula can work … Roots of Oakland are a central part of hosting his NFL dream. … Jaguars has no answers after defensive performance ashamed

Point dissemination: CIN -2.5 | Match quality: 20.6 (or 100)

Pick Paul Gutierrez: As a temptation to choose Raiders over this poor Bengals team, you have to consider Cincinnati frigid in December. But more importantly, inside the Raiders' offense line is bent so even Jon Gruden does not know who will start at both sheltered areas. Certainly, Geno Atkins is salivating. Still, Raiders defense co-ordinator Paul Guenther definitely knows Cincinnati after training in the previous 13 seasons, as there is a backup, AJ McCarron. What about, Oakland? Raiders 27, Bengals 26

Katherine Terrell Quiz: There is no real reason to choose the Bengals from considering they have lost five straight games and have not looked like the same team since the sacrifice. However, they put on one of their best defensive performances in a long time last week. Raiders' crime is one of the worst that the Bengals have faced throughout the year, and their protection is not just fired on each cylinder. If the Bengals can sustain the momentum of last week, this is definitely a winnable game. Bengals 24, Raiders 21



Darren Woodson believes Joe Mixon will lead the Bengals to win but Tedy Bruschi chooses the Raiders in Week 15.

What's at stake: The Raiders have compromised their favored status for the general option No. 1 after winning two of their last four games. They probably can not afford to win another if they want to go there. Everything you need to know about Bengals play play opportunities is that they go to the Browns in the stalls. – Seifert

FPI win projection: OS, 68.0 percent. Both of these teams could be out of the game for the playoffs, but we could see some aggressive fireworks for the fantasy playoffs. The Raiders rate finally and the Bengals are the fourth worst in protective efficiency this season, according to FPI.

If you lost it: Finally, Conley is impressed and possibly meets the needs of Offseason Raiders … McKenzie leaks the next GM Raiders leaflet with NFL draft capital in Gruden … Critical owner of the Oakland lawsuit against team and NFL … Bengals could build around this possible star in 2019

Point dissemination: BUF -2.5 | Match quality: 15.3 (or 100)

Pick Michael Rothstein: In some cases, the Lions are still keen to embed play, and winning Buffalo would hopefully postseason the franchise to live for at least one other week. Yes, the crime is incredibly beaten, but the defense has improved over the past month, holding three of the last four opponents under 25 points. It will help Buffalo have the second worst in the league in yards and score points. That should be enough for the Lions to win their second straight yawnfest. Lions 20, Bills 10

Pick Mike Rodak: The Bills are 4-0 this season when they have a positive turnout edge and 0-9 with the edge of an even or negative turnover, so it's not a secret For Bills protect the ball to beat the Lions. That is an achievable goal for Josh Allen, who will face Detroit's defense that will be tied for the re-opening interventions this season. Buffalo is 2-7 against defenses in the upper half of the NFL in interception and 2-2 against teams, such as the Lions, in the bottom half. Bills 21, Lions 17

What's at stake: This game includes two teams that are FPI projects to capture top-10 options in draft 2019. Continue accordingly. – Seifert

FPI win projection: BUF, 55.0 percent. In the three games since the Bills week, Allen runs the sixth in the NFL with 79.7 Total QBR. There is a large proportion of that because of its ability to rush. Allen has added 18.7 expected points on the ground in the past three weeks, more than three times as much as any other QB in that period.

If you lost it: It's probably a latest injury due to Ansah's time in Detroit … Nutrition Bills finally play to the vast (and rapid) potential

Point dissemination: AAS -4 | Match quality: 40.1 (or 100)

Pick Brady Henderson: You can bet that Nick Mullens is being addressed to Seahawks after throwing 414 yards against them two weeks ago, most Seattle has allowed any quarter after this season. Seahawks are just coming to an end from their Lunar win over Minnesota, and this game will be played in Santa Clara, so the relocation work could be closer than that 27 points win side at Seattle at CenturyLink Field. But letdowns have never been a problem under Pete Carroll. Seahawks 28, 49ers 20

Nick Wagoner's Choice: Seattle won the last meeting mainly because the Niners had turned over three times and forced no goods. That's the biggest issue of San Francisco every season, as he has forced five low-league cottages. With Seahawks coming short week and 49ers from one of his / her best performances, this should be close. But Niners' inability to empower Seattle errors will allow the Seahawks to be his 10th fast win against the Niners. Seahawks 27, 49ers 20

What's at stake: Seahawks can start wildcard spaces with victory. The 49ers victory could compromise their chances in the No. 1 collection generally in the draft. The Cardinals and Raiders, aged 3-10, are their main drivers. – Seifert



Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson take Seahawks to run over the Niners in Week 15.

FPI win projection: SEA, 65.8 percent. Seahawks are an excellent shape for the post-time period and would still have a 99 percent chance to get even with loss, according to FPI. In another section, Niners would have a chance of 47 percent on the top draft option with a loss and only a 4 per cent chance with a victory.

If you lost it: Wilson's 72 pass ships will not cut into playoffs … Needs and value could be in line with 49ers land top top pack … Seahawks Salad could start swine in the riparian period … Kittle loses Just a minute, and Shanahan is blamed

Point dissemination: NE -2.5 | Match quality: 80.4 (or 100)

Select Mike Reiss: This is a brilliant challenge for Patriots after the embarrassment road they've lost on the final play against the Dolphins. Bill Belichick said the football team needed a better situation, and he started with him. Although the past is not sure how things will be developed, Patriots have been a good investor in "pride" games in recent years. This week, players have a prominent edge. Patriots 31, Steelers 24

Pick Jeremy Fowler: Perhaps this is the last time Ben Roethlisberger will have the Patriots at home. He will throw a big club in a game that the Steelers must have. But the defense is struggling to close games, the situation kicks an mess and James Conner could lose another week, giving a light on a running game that was equal to 2.1 yards per car. Oakland. Tom Brady has seven victories, 23 defenses and one interference against Pittsburgh since 2006. The edge belongs to the AFC defense champions. Patriots 30, Steelers 24

What's at stake: The Patriots can start playing with the victory and losing Titans. To secure the title of the Eastern AFC, Patriots need to win and lose the Dolphins. The Steelers can not collect anything this week, but they would fall out of the North AFC leader with the loss and victory of Ravens. – Seifert

FPI win projection: PIT, 59.7 percent. The Steelers have the greatest chance to win their region and make any team players this week, according to FPI. The Steelers would have a 89 percent chance to make the playoffs (84 percent of the chance to win a section) with a chance to win and 48 per cent to make the playoffs (43 per cent to win the section) with a loss.

If you lost it: Ben vs. Brady: Play implications add urgent to lopsided competition … Artist's Gunslinger: Ben Roethlisberger's risk and reward … Gronk regenerates the money liner for Patriots to get rid of a loss … Steelers managing tailspin, and Plaid Cymru's motion no easy escape

Point dissemination: LAR -11 | Match quality: 62.5 (or 100)

Tim McManus & Chooses: Bydd Nick Foles o dan y ganolfan yn lle Carson Wentz (yn ôl), ac mae hynny'n cyffroi rhai atgofion o redeg annisgwyl a arweinir gan Foles o flwyddyn yn ôl. Ond mae hwn yn dîm Eryri gwahanol – un sydd â 12 o chwaraewyr ar warchodfa anafedig ac yn eistedd mewn sefyllfa bregus am 6-7. Bydd Realiti yn gosod yn erbyn tîm Rams haen uchaf sy'n taro o golled i'r Bears. Rams 33, Eagles 20

Casgliad Lindsey Thiry: Nid yw'r Rams wedi colli dau yn olynol o dan yr ail hyfforddwr Sean McVay, fel y gallwch chi betio ar ôl drwsio yn Chicago y byddant yn bownsio'n ôl. Mae amddiffyniad yr Eryrod yn safle 25ain mewn iardiau a ganiateir fesul gêm (384.0). Mae hynny'n gêm braf i Jared Goff, y mae angen iddo ailddechrau ar ôl ymdrechu yn yr wythnosau ôl-i-gefn, a thîm Rams sy'n edrych i sicrhau troed rownd gyntaf yn y playoffs. Rams 34, Eagles 25



Tedy Bruschi a Darren Woodson fel y Rams i guro'r Eryrod yn Wythnos 15.

Beth sydd yn y fantol: Gall hyrwyddwr NFC West Rams gychwyn ar ôl rownd gyntaf gyda buddugoliaeth a cholli Bears. Mae arnynt angen help gan y Saint i sicrhau mantais maes cartref NFC. Mae'r Eagles ymhlith tri thîm NFC gyda 6-7 o gofnodion nad ydynt eto wedi bod yn gytûn am fan cerdyn gwyllt. – Seifert

Rhagamcaniaeth ennill FPI: LAR, 78.3 y cant. Mae'r Eryrod yn glynu wrth eu bywyd chwarae. Mae FPI yn rhoi cyfle i'r Eagles ddim ond 18 y cant i ennill heb Wentz, a byddai colled yn rhoi siawns o 5 y cant i Philadelphia i wneud y playoffs.

Os gwnaethoch chi ei golli: Mae Wentz wedi torri'r fertebra; gweddill y tymor mewn amheuaeth … Uchafbwyntiau, lleiafrifoedd a dyfodol cystadleuaeth QB ifanc uchaf y NFL … Ble oedd Gurley yn erbyn Chicago? … Hanes yn ailadrodd? Gallai coedlannau arwain at dâl tanddwr arall


Lledaeniad pwynt: RHIF -6 | Ansawdd cyfatebol: 86.6 (o 100)

Dewis Mike Triplett: Mae trosedd y Saint yn cael y rhan fwyaf o'r sylw. Ond mae eu hamddiffyn wedi bod yn dawel yn chwarae rhai o'r pêl-droed gorau yn yr NFL dros yr 11 wythnos diwethaf. Mae'r blaen saith – dan arweiniad Cameron Jordan, Sheldon Rankins a Demario Davis – wedi cynorthwyo'r D gradd yn ail yn y gynghrair mewn pwyntiau a ganiateir dros y rhychwant hwnnw (18.0 y gêm), yn gyntaf yn yr amddiffynfa redeg (75.6 llath y gêm), yn ail mewn sachau (35) ac wedi ei glymu am drydydd mewn criwiau (19). Dylai hynny eu cadw'n gystadleuol hyd yn oed os yw'r drosedd yn dechrau araf mewn rhai tywydd awyr agored nos Lun. Sainiau 26, Panthers 20

Dewis David Newton: Mae'r niferoedd yn awgrymu y dylai'r Sainiaid ennill, ac ennill mawr. Roedd y Panthers 0-3 yn erbyn Drew Brees & Co. y tymor diwethaf ac wedi colli pum gemau syth, nid yw'r tymor hwn hefyd yn dda. Ond mae'r Panthers yn 5-1 gartref ac mae eu cefnau yn erbyn y wal o ran y playoffs. Fe wnaethant weld beth wnaeth Dallas mewn buddugoliaeth amser yn erbyn y Sainiau ychydig wythnosau yn ôl a bydd yn defnyddio fformiwla tebyg. Panthers 24, Sain 23

Beth sydd yn y fantol: Gall y Saint, sydd eisoes wedi ennill NFC De, gychwyn chwarae chwarae rownd gyntaf gyda buddugoliaeth a cholli Bears. Mae gan y Panthers gyfle i roi eu hunain yn ôl i drafodaeth cardiau gwyllt NFC. They're a half-game behind the Vikings for the No. 6 spot. — Seifert

FPI win projection: NO, 65.8 percent. The Panthers need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, according to FPI. They would have a 16 percent chance with a win and a 2 percent chance with a loss. The Saints, meanwhile, have a huge potential swing in their chances at the No. 1 seed in the NFC. They would have a 74 percent chance with a win and a 25 percent chance with a loss.

In case you missed it: Benefits of mentor Payton? Campbell is ready to be a head coach … Resting Newton isn't an option Panthers should consider … Can Saints' offense 'dominate' again after disturbing slump? … Kuechly running down Jarvis Landry exemplifies no quit in Panthers

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