Monday , August 15 2022

News Roundup: Latias, Team Changes, and More!


Coaches, many have happened in recent days, so in case you have lost any of the comments, we've all dropped into one useful article for you; Here's our Latest Pokémon Go Round!

Latias Complaint Weekend

As announced here, Latias will be join Palkia in Tier 5 Stations 1 PM PM PST on Friday, February 22nd to 1 PM PST on Monday, February 25th. This mini event also indicates release Tasty blades! If Shiny Legendaries in the past are doing something, they'll be a sure place, so make sure you use those Pinap Berries!

Look at us Latias raid guide To be ready, or check our Info-graphic for an overview of the event:

It was also confirmed in the official announcement Latios It will be Raising its Weekend later.

Go to Snapshot Launch

The brand new feature, Snapshot, has been officially launched in Pokémon Go, but in terms of writing this News Roundup, only Android users with a version of 0.135.0 of & # 39 ; the game can access it. Initially, it was only available for Level 40 Trainers, but soon afterwards, it was presented to all Instructors above the minimum Level 5 requirement on the feature. We're still waiting for news when Snapshot is released to iOS players and why it was not available on both platforms at once.

Once we have had the opportunity to experience the new feature, we will be sure to give a full review. In the meantime, this is everything we know so far:

We are also looking forward to the next installment of AR Photo Show, the most excellent Josh Provines that offers even more possibilities now that we have the ability to take great pictures of any Pokémon is currently storing us!

New Roundup Go Snapshot Guide Infographic
Go to Snapshot Guide Infographic

Version 0.135.0 and New Upload Screen

Although the new update has had some events at its first launch, it is now safe to download from the Google Play Store. This update has not yet been released for iOS, but we can only assume it does not submit it too far away. This update came not only on Snapshot Go and some other QoL features, but also the beautiful new download screen that has a project, artistic feel it.

Download Smeargle Screen
New Download Screen

Clamperl Research Day Limited

In addition to the Latias Complaint Weekend, we also have another Limited Research event that includes the uncontrollable Pokemon Clamperl. For 3 hours on Saturdays or Sundays (depending on your region), special Field Research tasks will reward you with meeting with Clamperl. You should aim to accumulate as much candy as possible as its evolution expansion (Huntail or Gorebyss) is completely random and so it might be possible to take a little to go to both.

For more information, look at our Clamperl Special Research Day. Also, you're about to search for Latias Complaint Weekend / Mini Mini Clamperl Week or for a simpler overview, all the full details have been included in our Useful and participative graphs:

Roundup Clamperl News Infographic Limited Research Day
Clamperl Research Day Limited Infographic

Team Change Capabilities Published

Saving what's the last and last, announced today was the Change Team Medalions. This special item, which can be purchased, will soon be in the in-store store for 1000 PokeCoins, and once it will be used it will require a 365 day period of analysis. Using the Change Team Medals will allow a coach to change teams either Mystic, Valor, or Instinct.

That's all for this News Roundup Trainers, but we expect to find out when Snapshot will be available to all of you iOS, very soon.

The best of luck this weekend and we hope your Shiny Latias will be enough!

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