Monday , June 27 2022

New Guard Guard's new radar updates marine traffic off B.C. coastline


RICHMOND, B.C. – The federal government adds to marine traffic monitoring with more radar coverage along the British Columbia coast to improve security for shipping traveling through narrow and challenging waterways.

The Canadian Fisheries and Oceans say that six new radar installations will fill out existing gaps for busy and dangerous water extracts from the northern end of the River Georgia to Queen Charlotte Queen and in the waters off Prince Rupert.

Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson announced the new installations on Thursday at the Canadian Coast Reserve station in Richmond.

The government news statement says that the wider radar coverage is part of the $ 1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan designed to improve marine safety and protect the marine environment of Canada and coastal communities.

One new radar is one for the Seaforth Channel on the central coast where groundwalking has dropped more than 110,000 liters of dish and other leaks in October 2016, shellfish shell beds near the Bella Bella community.

Wilkinson says that the six new stations will add to the reliable and accurate information about the movement of a ship along the B.C. coastline.

"This information will increase marine safety and reduce the risk of marine emergencies. This is another example of how we work with indigenous and coastal communities in BC to make our waters and coasts safer, cleaner and healthier, "says Wilkinson in the statement.

The new radar stations will be located within the traditional territories of several First Nations and the federal government says it has support for the upgrade.

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