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Netflix subscription prices in Canada

Another price trip is underway for Netflix subscribers in Canada as competition increases among the most streamlined video services.

The company behind Narcos a Oren Y Ddu Newydd presents its largest price increase for new subscribers and current members.

The basic Canadian Netflix scheme – which does not offer a 4K video definition and allows to stream on one device at a time – rises a dollar to $ 9.99 per month.

The standard Netflix scheme will now cost $ 3 more – or $ 13.99 per month – to watch content on two devices at the same time.

Premium scheme subscribers pay $ 3 more – or $ 16.99 per month – to watch TV shows and movies on four devices at the same time and in HD and HD higher video.

Netflix says that the higher prices are effective immediately for new subscribers, while current users will be notified by email before the bills arise over the next few weeks.

The company increased prices for most plans and dollars around one and a half years ago.

Helps to fund a new series, movies

Netflix says the move will help fund a TV series and upcoming films as well as general improvements to the Netflix platform.

But the company also faces intense competition next year as the number of streaming platforms in the Canadian market with attractive offers grows.

Earlier this month, Bell Media introduced a higher layer of Crave's streaming service that includes a selection of Hollywood films and new HBO programs. The package, called Crave +, costs around $ 20 a month.

Next year, Disney is jumping to the market with a streaming platform itself. Disney + is expected to be stocked with original films and series such as prequel i Star Wars: One Beetles and Marvel's outstanding show based on the Loki character of Aberystwyth Thor a The dealers.

Other platforms could also make a route, including a new service operated by Classic Movie Specialty Criteria, and All Access CBS, which means its library of original shows including Tell Me Story a Strange Angel.

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