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NASA and SpaceX Launch Plans Launched for First Space Space Space Today


NASA and SpaceX meet in Florida (February 22) to review plans to launch the first Crew Dragon spacecraft built for astronaut on March 2 and you can find out how their discussion goes into live broadcast.

SpaceX and NASA officials spend the day at the Kennedy Space Center in what the agency calls for a Flight Readiness Review, which is a standard preflight meeting – as its name suggests – advises mission managers to discuss whether a space mission is ready to launch. NASA will announce the results of the meeting this evening. You can watch the conference to that press live here, courtesy of NASA TV, starting no more than 6 p.m. EST (2300 GMT).

"The meeting gives NASA and SpaceX an opportunity to assess the mission status, the current targeted launch date and the work that needs to be completed before the critical flight test." NASA officials wrote in today's status update.

Representing NASA briefing tonight William Gerstenmaier, a link administrator for human exploration and operations; Kathy Lueders, Commercial Crew program manager; Kirk Shireman, program of International Space Station program manager; and a representative from the Agency's Astronaut Office. Hans Koenigsmann, vice president of SpaceX for the construction and reliability of flight, will represent the company.

Associated: DragonX DragonX Crew Demo-1: What to Expect

SpaceX's forthcoming Dragon Crew test, known as Demo-1, is an unfortunate mission to the International Space Station. I'm launching a Falcon 9 rocket during March 2 web hours and a doc at the station a day later. Dragon Crew will remain connected to the station for five days while astronaut downloads 400 lbs. (181 kilograms) of ship ship supplies. It is intended that the Dragon Crew will return to the Earth on March 8.

"Mission objectives for this flight test, referred to as Demo-1, show the performance of end-of-the-art operations of the Falcon 9 rocket, Dragon Crew spacecraft and land systems, as well as in-orbit operations , docio and landing, "NASA officials wrote. "Systems that are reviewed include on-orbit operation of the Dragon Crew avionics system, tape system, communication systems / telemetrics, environmental management systems, solar appliances and electrical power systems and digestion systems."

If everything goes well with the mission, SpaceX will launch the spring downturn test and a first astron crew in July.

SpaceX is one of two companies that have NASA contracts for flying aviation to and from the International Space Station under the agency's Commercial Crew program. In 2014, NASA awarded a $ 2.6 billion contract to SpaceX to develop Dragon Crew as a space taxi.

The other company, Boeing, received a $ 4.2 billion contract to build its own CST-100 Starliner space ship, which launches on the V. Atlas rockets. Boeing expects to launch its first unmanned Starliner test in April.

You can find a time line of NASA events for Space Demo-1 Dragon SpaceX Crew here.

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