Tuesday , May 24 2022

Namco Vancouver Bands, Tekken mobile developer, has closed its Pocket Gamer.biz doors


The majority of staff in Aberystwyth Bandai Namco Vancouver set after the closure of the studio today.

The Vancouver Office was the Japanese company responsible for Tekken Mobile and developed Tap My Katamari, Pac-Man Bounce and Pac-Man 256 and so on.

Closing through Twitter was announced by senior vice president and director of the Tekken Mobile Landon Nguyen game.

Down to the bone

In response later to the thread, Nguyen said that while most studio workers have been dismissed, "small crew, skeleton" continues to work on Tekken Mobile. He added that he was not sure of future title plans.

The news comes two months after another Japanese company, Capcom, closed his studio in Vancouver.

We have arrived at Namco Bandai for comments.

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