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MPP Ontario Amanda Simard is wearing a caucus PC after cuts to francophone services


MPP Ontario Amanda Simard has given up the Increasing Conservative caucus to sit as independent after she has publicly criticized Premier Premier Doug Ford for changes to French language services in the province.

In a letter sent to the Ted Arnott Spokesman early on Thursday, Ms. Simard – who was the only Franco-Ontarian member of Mr. Ford – said his decision to leave effective immediately.

"I am no longer a member of the Increasing Support Caucasus," said Ms. Simard. "I will continue to take a place in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as an Independent."

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Ms. did not. Simard responds immediately to a request for comments on Thursday.

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The announcement came as Ms. Simard met her at Queen's Park to discuss her future. The government's senior source told the Globe that a large number of members and the caucus asked her to be kicked out of the cousin, following Mr Ford's public criticisms and government.

After meeting the scams on Thursday, Mr Ford told iPolitics that she did not know that Ms Simard was going to leave the caucus. "We are more united than we have never been," he said.

For days, Ms. Simard has been talking against the government's decision as she reduced financial update to cancel plans for a franchise and break-up university and French guardian.

"I'm asking the Leader and the government to reverse their decisions, and so I just do what I was elected to do," Ms. Simard told reporters at Queen's Park this week.

On Wednesday, Mr Ford told reporters that he was talking to Ms. Simard last week and told her he had been supported. However, he said since then she had been avoids calls from her office.

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"My main staff were trying to contact Amanda, my director sought to contact Amanda. Other people in my office tried to contact Amanda. Amanda did not return the calls," he said.

"He chose not to be part of it."

After a strong emphasis on the Franco-Ontarian community, the PC government came back last week by announcing that it would create the position of commissioner of services in the Welsh language under the auspices of the Office of the Ombudsman. Mr Ford also officially appointed Caroline Mulroney's Attorney General Officer as the French Affairs Minister, and promised to hire a senior policy adviser for francophone issues. But plans for a francophone university, which Mr Ford had promised to keep during the election campaign, were not resurrected.

"Over the last few days, we made a few changes. I listened to," said Mr Ford. However, he said there is not enough money in the province for a francophone university.

Ms Simard said the "partial backup barrier" was not enough. On Wednesday, he voted against the government's economic update falling into the legislature.

Ms. Simard, who represents the eastern riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, serves as a city councilor in the community of Russell before joining the Tory roster under former leader Patrick Brown. She has a law degree from the University of Ottawa and has worked on the Parliament of Parliament as a policy adviser.

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