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More people register for mandatory vaccines – Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal


Katie Clunn admits that he could re-launch his petition recently that he had fired people for measles and vaccinations and the last resort should be compulsory.

Maple Ridge's mother began her campaign on change.org to ensure that vaccines and conditions, with the exception of medical exceptions, want to register at the public school, three years ago, but went anywhere.

Now, more than 35,000 have signed the Mandatory Vaccines in B.C. petition.

"I think people are sick of it now. Three years ago, every time in a while, we would have a case here and there, but now they realize this every year. get angry, "said Clunn on Thursday.

According to a nationwide vote, Angus Reid, on Thursday, 70 per cent of respondents believe in mandatory vaccinations. Around 24 per cent said it should be the parent's choice, while seven percent are unsure.

Over the last fortnight, there were nine raffles in Vancouver. In the Washington state, an emergency has been called with 65 confirmed cases – with health officers sure that a number will rise.

Clunn is urged to respond to the latest provincial government – who said he was considering a registry that would show who has received vaccines in the education system. He received a letter from the education ministry that said that the health ministry considered a system of mandatory misconduct reporting.

"Although this is something, it's not enough, this still leaves our vulnerable community members vulnerable," said Clunn.

"I think it's a great first step, but I do not think it's enough, personally."

This could allow unwanted children to bring the measles into the school and to infect children, for medical reasons, can not be vaccinated or have compromised immune systems.

She still wants the vaccination to be a simple condition for every student to be able to attend the public school, adding that those who do not want to immunize their children can at home their children.

He also asked why parents want to deny children their basic right to healthcare.

"I do not even know why they would want to be in a public school because they're going to learn real science afterwards."

Parents need to report their children's vaccines to the local health officer. That province also requires children who attend public schools to be immunized, unless there is a legitimate exception for medical or religious reasons.

Clunn said that the religious or personal exemptions required that people take a course first and sign a declaration before the exemption is issued.

"If you have a personal exception, for example, I do not believe in the science, you still have to take a course, before you get the personal exemption that's better than what B.C."

That will help people decide if they really want to avoid vaccination, he added.

"They need to make it uncomfortable to get these exceptions."

With the petition now in more than 35,000 names, Clunn wants people to contact MLA.

"Write your MLA because that's where things are going to change. That's my big push at the moment is writing to your MLA."

Each address is posted on its Pro Vaccines at B.C. Facebook Page.

Fraser Health said on Wednesday that he was experiencing "higher demand demand volumes for public health complaints and working to respond to all calls.

Vaccine vaccines are also available through GPs, walking clinics, and for over-fives, your local pharmacy.

Call in advance to check the availability of a vaccine in your pharmacy.

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