Tuesday , November 24 2020

Minhas Sask recalls a liquid product after finding a problem with alcohol content

Minhas Sask recalls all of its distilling products and a spirit of Saskatchewan retailers because of a problem with some alcohol content in a product, the liquid producer said Friday.

"The extremely sophisticated instrument we use to measure alcohol [content] went out of calibration in the second week of December 2018, "the company said on its Facebook page, adding the problem not yet found.

"As a result, we have found that the alcohol content in the bottles is slightly more than the alcohol content indicated on the bottles."

The difference in alcohol was a volume ranging from 0.2 per cent to 4.1 per cent, depending on the product, said Minhas.

Although the products are still safe to drink, "this is not yet the consistency we are striving," said Minhas Sask.

"So we remember all of our distillery / volunteer spirit products and close our Regina Tap Room".

The Liquor Liquor and Saskatchewan Authority reported that the results of tests on five Minas products failed to meet nationally acceptable labeling guidelines.

All retailers should have been told about the recall and can contact Minhas Sask directly for information about returning the product and getting repayments, SLGA said.

The distillery, the winery and brewery at Regina were opened late last year. Shortly after its opening, the reason of Rewingion Brewing Recovery arose, when that company discovered that Minhas had sold an unreported sedimentary beer Rebellion.

At the time, Minhas, the president and CEO, Moni Minhas, said that his business was in his right to sell beer, wines or saskatchewan products, holding the complaint into the fear of competition.

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